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12278Jousting Tourneys and classes at Gulf Wars

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Jan 17, 2014
      For those with an interest in Jousting, Master Eule is putting together several Jousting Classes and separate Foam and Wooden lance Tourneys at Gulf Wars.  It looks to be a great opportunity to go out a build your skills (and pick up info to bring back to the rest of us)!


      From Master Eule   - eule <at> ecpi.com

      "Jousting Classes and Tournaments at Gulf Wars 2014 I’d like to get an idea of the number of folks interested in taking the jousting classes (either or both) as well as those planning to participate in the tournaments. This year, there are a couple of changes….first is that there will now be two jousting tournaments….foam and wooden…on different days (dates will be posted on the schedule once Doe publishes it). If you would please, if you are planning to participate in either, please let me know. Second, there will be a “Ground Crew and Squiring for the Joust” class taught concurrently with the Jousting 101 class, by Lady Ella d’Artois of Trimaris. Even if you don’t have an interest in learning to joust but would still like to be involved, her class will be a fantastic opportunity to learn the differences in ground crewing, squiring and scoring for a competitive joust. Although there is not, specifically, a class opposite the Jousting 201 class, it would be a great opportunity for you to try out your new skills before the pressure of the tournaments….and we can always use the help! Also, if you are planning to participate in either of the jousting classes, please let me know that too. I *highly* recommend that folks who have already been authorized please try to participate in the second class as we can all use some fine tuning of our armour, ecranches and skills. This will be a great opportunity to work some things out before the tournaments. And lastly, if you would like to be authorized for either type of jousting, please let me know asap."