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12274New Warning Sign Order

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Jan 9, 2014
      Warning signs need to be about 25 inches tall with the graphic we have used in the past. I have a vinyl company that Heinrich and I have worked with in the past that can do our graphic for about $20 for a 2x3 foot sign hemmed, grommetted, and delivered to a single location. 

      Before we embark down the fundraising road, how many folks would be willing to order such a sign for $20, either for your personal use or to donate to a branch or practice? 

      For those of you that are newer, we are required to post warning signs any time we have official SCA Eq activities. There are several signs scattered around the Kingdom, mostly in the hands of the folks running Practices or the Kingdom or Principality Eq Officers. Having your own personal sign, makes it so that you can hold events and practices with out tracking one down.


      I am planning on ordering 1-2 for myself and am more than willing to add others to the order.

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