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12250RE: Cynaguan Mounted Skills Workshop - Sunday - Brown's Valley

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  • elsederhuhnheiler
    Nov 4 7:31 AM
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      Thank you to Jean, Morrighan, and Daffyd for teaching.  I know I learned a ton. 

      We had 11 horses, 10 adults riding, 2 juniors and 1 dedicated ground crew. 

      As I have remarked elsewhere, it’s great to be able to see the progression of skills Mousse and I have acquired over the last two years at these workshops.  I know there were several skills I used yesterday acquired from earlier events and I picked up a few kernels to add to the pile that allow me to link to other thoughts and to build on earlier lessons.

      Years ago when I was learning to fence in North Carolina, our White Scarves talked about the fire-fly theory … most of us expect us to have learning happen in bright flashes like being struck by lightning.  More commonly we gather a fire fly here and a fire fly there until we have a full bright jar of knowledge that helps us illuminate our transition to the next step, in which we go back to adding fire flies to the jar.


      Else and Mousse

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