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12239WK Championship After Action Report

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Sep 9, 2013
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      Greetings all,

      WK Championship was awesome!  Our Autocrat, Dona Eleanora Lucretiza Dell Fiore, and our Current WK Champions aided by the Kingdom Officers put on an amazing day of activities.

      The morning started cool and crisp with the ring of rapier fighters warming up in the background while I brushed out Mousse's tail.  I had time to stand rapier Invocation and watch a couple of rounds of the Tournament before strolling back to the horse pens to saddle up, and warm up first near the rapier field and later in the arena.  

      Next was a couple of hours of riding well thought out tests to challenge both our candidates for the next champion as well as those like myself who were riding for the honor of competing and to test the mettle of the contenders.  First we each had a chance to introduce ourselves to the Crown, the Coronets of Cynagua and the assembled gallery.  We had a turnout class where we got to show off our garb and barding and talk a little bit to about the construction with the Judges.  Next we had two simultaneous activities.  in the back arena, we had the chance to ride set patterns for a horsemanship judge (think figure skating).  In the front arena we had a chance to show off our style and panache and what our horse do well.  The final test of the morning was and obstacle course that tested our ability to turn our horse and even take a small jump.  Thank you to the Judges and the ground crew who stood out in the hot sun so that we riders could play with our ponies!

      After that it was time for Mousse to have a break (after saying hello to the Archers) and for me to drink more water and watch a little archery.  The Archery activities had been set up in the large pasture we were using for camping and trailer parking so it was super convenient to watch the competitors and the Royalty toil away.  Mousse did ask my why those archers land shots at long distances while I can barely hit the close targets.  I told him I did not have to practice as hard because he does all the footwork of getting me close to the targets.

      The afternoon session of riding was focused on weapon related endeavors.  It started with a mounted archery competition.  Next on the board was a a swords course where riders knocked heads off of poles, cut cabbage, and knocked progressively smaller reads off of stands.  Immediately following that was a lance course where riders got to do shield spearing, a couple of javellin throws, and hit the quintain with a lance (two spins to count).  In the final test of the day the riders were given 90 seconds to complete as many of the above obstacles as they could.  

      The afternoon was amazing, the grass was packed with spectators as archers and rapier fighters wandered over to catch a bit of activities or to chill out in the air conditioned office the site owners had set aside for us.  The gallery was constantly press liquids on us and helping the riders with weapons and generally loving on Mousse, which he thought was awesome.    I would like to thank all my follow participants of the day regardless of your primary sport.  This game is sooo much more fun when we all band together for enjoyment.

      And finally the results, or at least as much as I can remember.  Hopefully others will correct and expand on what I have here:

      Rapier - The Finalists were Dons Brogan and Tibereous.  Don Tibereous will step up as our new Kingdom Champion at 12th Night.  There was a Bridesmaid Tourney for fighters that had not one a Principality or Kingdom Tournament.  Sir Vincenzo was victorious.  

      Versatility Challenge - For helping out with all the activities that day, shooting some archery, and besting his mother at thrown weapons, Demitry (sp?) or Crystalmists won the Versatility Challenge.  He also received a special thanks from King Marc for carrying chairs.  

      Archery - Our new Archery Champion Rebecca Red Arrow will be stepping up at 12th Night.  There were also a couple of novelty shoots.  Prince Miach won one.  I'm hoping someone can give me the name of the other victor.

      Equestrian - Finals included Newly-minted-Lady Leia of Tarnmists (Brenna), Mistress Anne Fawnhaven (Beau?), Baroness Caoilinn Rose Maddox (Quincy for qualifiers, Mousse for finals), Lady Tuathflaith ingen Máedóc (Quincy).  Our new WK Champion will be Lady Leia 

      The other Equestrian awards were:
      Franchise - Leia 
      Turnout - Caoilinn 
      Horsemanship Pattern - Lady Laurentia (Paulette)
      Challenge Coure - Leia
      Mounted Archery - THL Else (Mousse)
      Swords Course - Lady Siggurdrifa? (Bugsy)
      Hastiludes - Leia 
      Mixed Weapons Course - Leia 
      Highpoint - Else 

      It was an amazing day and I thoroughly look forward to doing it again with each of you next year.