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12238West Kingdom Championship Updates

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  • Nell
    Sep 6, 2013

      I have a few little updates for folks planning on attending Championship this weekend.

      Due to a small scheduling conflict (aka Mother Nature), our host for the weekend will be shaking their almond trees sooner than initially planned. Today, to be precise. In the interest of having the site as ready for us as possible, they have suggested that we delay our Saturday arrival time by a few hours. If any early birds were aiming to hit site directly at the original posted time of 8AM, please feel free to sleep in a little and give our site owner till noon. They will be making every effort to rake our areas clear and ensure that our campers will not be trying to sleep on lumpy, bumpy little almonds!

      Our second update involves clarification from the owners regarding pen usage for *overnight horses only*. If you have rented a pipe pen you are responsible for a $20 rental fee... If you are setting up a pen of your own, the $20 fee applies to your pen for the overnight stay as well. This applies to our OVERNIGHT guests only.

      I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and for the lateness of the announcement. Our site owner is doing everything possible to ensure we have everything in place for a fabulous event and can't wait to see what wonderful things we'll be doing this year.

      See you all at Championship!
      Eleonora Lucrezia del Fiore, Autocrat

      PS Don't forget your sunscreen, snacks, and water! It's going to be a gloriously hot and sunny Sunday! Oh yes. And foraging for almonds is frowned upon. :)