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12058Mounted Combat Skills Clinic in Brown's Valley - 11/17-18

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  • Elsie
    Nov 5 6:40 PM
      Just a reminder to all that the clinic is coming up in a little under two weeks and I have a few announcements.

      1) Douglas Wagner will be joining us as a second instructor. He is Theresa's long time sparring partner and we are thrilled to be able to benefit from the additional expertise.

      2) If you have any swords, wasters, fencing masks, or fencing helms, please bring them to use and to share if you can.

      3) We will be taking short lunch breaks. Make sure you bring lunch.

      4) We will be having Heinrich's Lasagna for Saturday dinner. Please bring sides, desserts and drinks to share for our potluck

      5) There is room to camp on-site. If you need overnight stabling please let Else (nancyreimers at gmail.com) or Jean know.

      I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Let me know if you have any questions.