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12051Quarter Horse Herd in Fallon NV - RESCUE NEEDED

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  • Natalie W.
    Oct 25, 2012
      I don't normally forward this sort of thing to the SCA lists but these horses are in great condition and would be excellent prospects if you have the wherewithal to train your own SCA mount. DO NOT CONTACT ME see the links in the forwarded message below for all the info. Thanks.
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      From: Jimmy I <eti357@...>
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      Sent: Wed, October 24, 2012 9:55:59 PM
      Subject: Horses need rescuing

      I received a call from a woman who runs Toby's Legacy, a horse rescue operation in Temecula.  Evidently a large quarterhorse farm in Nevada is in probate after the owners suddenly passed away.  The horses, several dozen of them, are needing homes.  Toby's legacy is trying to save them from slaughter, but does not have the room at their facility to accomodate them. The horses range from 4 months to 13 years and are apparently well bred.  To see the horses visit www.facebook.com/rescuethehorses Or to donate to keep them alive where they are staying temporarily visit www.tobyslegacy.org/qhrescue2012

       You can also see other horses available at http://www.tobyslegacy.org/.  I don't have much other information, but you can reach Romney at 949-683-4766 for additional info.

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