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12041UPDATE! Re: Movie-used armor, horse gear, bows available at GWW

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  • Natalie W.
    Oct 4, 2012
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      While I realize that "everyone" in the knowne worlde recognizes Tucker-the-Tennessee-Walker at any SCA event [grin], chances are you may not remember me or my household. So, we will be on site at Great Western War on Saturday by about 8 a.m. If you need to find me, THL Courtney, Lady Kora and I are traveling together and will be dressed in late-period Persian duds on Saturday (ahem). If that doesn't help, look for a big red Ford Excursion (1 ton SUV) and a newer white 3-horse Kieferbuilt bumper pull trailer with a red and brown swooshie thing on the side. That's our rig. We'll obviously be hangin' mostly with the horse folks....pretty much anyone in the Altavia camp knows us, as do most of the CAID equestrians. We don't mind if they point. :-)
      So, here's what I'll have with me.....
      Due to the last-minute negotiations on the leather saddle covers, I am NOT bringing them with me on Saturday. I will offer them for sale after war however. So look for pics and descriptions next week sometime. Sorry. (Prices will be in the less-than-$100 range for sure). Ditto on the CHAMFRONs. I have TWO available but won't be able to pick them up until MONDAY after War (similar $$).
      Prince of Persia Movie Items...(all items sold separately or in groupings as you like!)
      • Pointy-top Persian Helmet & turban
      • Phyrgian Helmet & turban
      • Scimitar sword in leather scabbard
      • Leather wrapped short bow (approx 25lbs draw)
      Narnia/Prince Caspian Movie Items...(all items sold separately or in groupings as you like!)
      • Cavalry Soldier Brigandine, Under-brig, chainmaille, pants, greaves
      • Infantry Soldier Brigandine, Under-bring, chain maille, pants, leather greaves
      • Cabassett Helmet & Gorget (steel)
      • Cabassett Helmet & Gorget (resin)
      • Soldier Face masks
      Melius vivit qui medicinae et mechanica partes utitur

      From: Natalie W. <equigal_99@...>
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      Sent: Monday, October 1, 2012 2:02 PM
      Subject: [AltavianEquestrian] Movie-used armor, horse gear, bows available at GWW

      So, my friends at the D*sn*y props warehouse have offered to give me a box of gear to bring to GWW this weekend....I will have some steel Cabassett helmets from "Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian", some nice leather saddle covers from the same movie, some plastic/resin versions of the cabassetts which make nice modern riding helmet covers, and will have a few bits and pieces from "Prince of Persia" with me includin helmets, and possibly a few chamfrons. I'll only be on site on Saturday so please come find me if you want to see what I have. Prices will be very reasonable with no markup.
      There are also some Persian style horse bows I can bring but I can't vouch for their utility, they may be only "prop" quality...I'm no bow expert but I can bring a couple if someone is interested in checking them out. Just let me know.
      If anyone is still interested in owning some of the Telemarine body armor, I can bring a couple of brigandines and tunics with me. These are a bit on the spendy side but they are lovely to look at and wear and perfect for riding in. Sizes are large-ish as they were all made for big burly Aussie-extras in Prince Caspian!
      Melius vivit qui medicinae et mechanica partes utitur

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