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11929Cynaguan Mounted Combat Skills Workshop at River Rock Cobs November 17th and 18th - Save the Date

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Jul 3, 2012
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      Cynagua is hosting a series of Equestrian Workshops in 2012 geared at helping Beginning through Advanced SCA Riders improve their weapons handling skills on horseback. 

      The Third Workshop in the series will be conducted by Theresa Wendland and cover two days focusing on skills to help riders and horses prepare for Mounted Combat and Close Quarters Games. 

      "Theresa Wendland is a horsewoman, scholar of the Chicago Swordplay Guild, and member of the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild. Theresa has been riding horses for over twenty years with a focus on classical and baroque dressage. She also has experience in jumping and eventing. Since beginning her exploration of WMA/HEMA, Theresa has been working to combine her knowledge of horsemanship, of the biomechanics of riding, and of equine behavior with the practice of western martial arts in an effort to understand and to reconstruct mounted combat. Theresa has been extensively researching historical horsemanship and mounted combat from the 4th c. BC to the 18th c. AD with a focus on the Italian and German medieval fighting manuscripts of the 14th and 15th centuries. Theresa has collaborated with horsemen and women and WMA practitioners from around the world in order to interpret and practice the art of medieval mounted combat. She has taught and lectured around the US and in Germany. Theresa is now living in Colorado where she is attending veterinary school and working with members of the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild on a mounted combat curriculum."




      The Workshop is ideally suited to:

      1) Spectators who would like to learn more about Historical Mounted Combat Techniques.
      2) Riders who would like to learn more about Classical Dressage and the BioMechanics of Riding and Combat.
      3) Riders who would like to learn more about skills used in close quarters riding such as when playing Pato or Tag. 
      4) Riders who would like to improve their sword handling and targeting for SCA Mounted Combat. 

      ***All riders wishing to participate in the clinic need to be comfortable riding their horse at the walk and trot with good awareness of their own personal space and that of other participants. All horses participating need to be comfortable being worked in a group setting. 

      If you are interested in getting some basic equestrian experience prior to this workshop, please feel free to ask and we can point you to an equestrian practice or an event with basic training available.

      Overnight Stabling and room to camp will be available. Please contact the organizer to let her know of your needs.

      Clinic schedules, resources, and more details to follow.

      Directions - Take your best route to Highway 20 in Brown's Valley. Turn North on Marysville Rd (there is only one way you can turn). The farm will be on the Left and marked by an SCA sign and traffic cones.

      PS:  The organizers apologize for conflicting with Mists Investiture on Saturday.  Our Guest Instructor is in Vet School and those were the dates that worked with her class Schedule. Feel free to come out for Sunday only. 
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