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10616RE: [WestKingdomEQ] Equestriums in 2011; Questions

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  • Troy Griffith
    Nov 1, 2010
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      Well of course I don’t have the answers to any of this myself, but I wanted to jump in here while a discussion of events for next year is ongoing .

      I want to let everyone in the West know that the Shire of Glyn Dwfn will again be hosting the Hocktide Emprise next spring, just across the border here in An Tir..

      We are hoping many of our fellow riders from the West will bring their mounts through the pass this year and join us for 3 days of equestrian competition and fun.

      The event has be moved to three weeks later in the season as we are also hosting our Spring Coronet in March and wanted a small buffer between the two events as we are hoping to have equestrian activities at Coronet as well.

      The date for Hocktide year is May 13-15, so weather over the passes should be of far less concern. The event will be at the same location as last year,  Farwood Horse Park. If you didn’t make last year, ask around, this is a truly lovely site and very fun event.

      I now return you to you regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.

      Sir William Brannan

      Summits Captain of Horse


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      Ooh and other more obvious question... Richard are you volunteering to autocrat?   I believe we have a Fall Equestrium autocrat but if Spring is open...




      Neca Eos Omnes.  Deus Suos Agnoset.

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      Let me see what I can do to help.  Answers below.  I would also like to know, do we have autocrats for both of these events yet?



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      Greetings Everyone!

      Had a conversation with some non-SCA horse folks recently. We got to chatting about having gatherings/meetings/play days and so on.
      It got me thinking (shocking, I know - GRIN) about Equestriums in 2011.
      Just have a few questions:

      We usually hold two per year, right? One is more "class focused" and the other is more "championship focused" or am I mistaken? 

      That would be a fair statement.

      Do we have dates for these events yet?

      I could be wrong, but I don't believe the Calendar Deputy has opened up date selections yet.  Fall Equestrium is usually in September.

      When looking at sites what do we want to have, facilities wise, access to? What is our usual budget for rental? Where do the funds come from?

      Depends on what classes you are wanting to hold... two large arenas, a round pen, an area where horseback archery could be held are all nice.  Covered areas for Spring Equestrium is especially nice.  We can always work around what we find.  I'll leave the budget question to someone else.  The funds come from the West Kingdom, as it is a West Kingdom event.

      The Lodi location has been well received, is centrally located, is fairly easy to autocrat (one fee for privies/site etc.) and the owners LOVE us and are willing to have us back as often as we want.  They are also willing to have camping.  I believe having the Fall Equestrium there has worked really well and we will probably continue to do so.

      Okay...I know that is a fair number of questions. It would be great to hear some answers. Once I have the information (didn't see anything in our Files section) I could go scout out some sites.

      Thanks in advance!

      Richard de Camville


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