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  • Dianne Karp
    Oct 2, 2010
      I have a friend who has a Russian Arab gelding for sale cheap. Mad Love is a real gentleman but not a beginner horse.  I can get details if you are interested but I think he is about 15hh, about 15 years old, smooth-gaited, has been foxhunted, jumps 3 feet, did not freakout with cannon booming when he was jumping in an arena next door...........

      And I think she wants $1800 for him.

      Let me know if you're interested and I will get the actual specifics.  I just wanted to send this out while I was thinking of it.

      If you like Kazar and you like Ebony, you would like Mad Love.  He is MUCH less opinionated about 'go fast and not slow down' then either of them. 

      If it were not for the fact that our trainer does not think Mark would have a good time fox hunting him, we'd buy him for Mark as a second hunt horse.  I was really impressed with him the day I rode him cross country with a big group after he'd been pastured for a year.


      Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
      Dianne Karp

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