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10433Pony saddle to loan?

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  • juliana_of_avon
    Aug 2, 2010
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      Hello all.

      Guido is working toward getting some time undersaddle and I have found a willing youth to put some miles on him. The relationship is new (she has not experienced the potential of the pony's wrath yet) so I am not sure if she will stick with it or not. We have done some bareback leadline and I think she may be game to head out with us, getting ponied on the lead. Guido was quite happy to tote around the 60lb sack of "pony adoring" girl - so he may not give her the height of his terrifing PONY WRATH (echo ... echo...echo....

      If anyone has a spare laying about, I'd like to borrow a pony saddle for a bit, before I buy something. He is 12.2h and average pony shaped. She is slim and long-legged. Probably a 10" english or 12" western I imagine. I have leathers/stirrups, pad and a bridle.

      Let me know if anyone had a loaner? Lead-line saddles are OK too!


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