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  • Aurora Komnene
    Jun 1, 2010
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      There's this waist-to-hips ratio thing that mens jeans lack for me,
      otherwise $13 bucks at Costco would be great! I'm about ready to resign
      myself to the torture of clothes shopping and try those "NYDJ"
      Not-Your-Daughter's-Jeans the mall was advertising.

      The boot cut breeches are Irideon. I'm not finding a style number or
      anything on them - I think it was something like "Cadence Boot Cut".
      They're full seat with some fake suede stuff that is machine
      washable/dryable. I picked them up from Action Rider Tack
      (www.actionridertack.com or 541-773-6300 or 877-865-2467). The company was
      very good about communicating (there was a back order on them) and they kept
      me up to date about when I would receive my breeches.

      - A

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      > But then there's this pesky fashion thing driving pants lower and lower
      > and
      > I can't find new jeans that get TO my waist..

      Have you tried Costcos Kirkland mens jeans?? 13 dollars.

      I picked up a pair of "boot-cut
      > breeches" - From where and how much?

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