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101Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Equestrian track at Collegium?

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  • Autumn Cardone
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Alessandro and I have been talking about my teaching a class on horse safety. He thinks that there would be enough interest (there is always a need when there are people around who have not had the chance to own their own horses and work with them continuously) for me to teach a class on this. I don't know if this is what Bethia was thinking of teaching.

      Alessandro was also suggesting I teach a class on ground work. (Again possibly overlapping what Bethia was thinking of teaching.) We were thinking about trying to bring our 2 horses to help create interest and use as visual aids. :-)

      Maybe we four should talk, and see what each is thinking of teaching so that we could both teach and make our classes of reasonable length. (Mine usually end up 4-8 hours, so I will need to figure out what I should be talking about -- one topic only -- and plan the class out so that I can cover the topic in one or two class periods.) :-)

      Is Bethia on this list?

      -- Collett

      Rachael O'Brien wrote:

       Greetings all-
      I was talking to Bethia the other night, and she is really excited about
      equestrian activities.  She has volunteered to teach a class on basic "Horse
      how to/etiquette" at Collegium.

      I was wondering if we could have a mini-equestrian track (maybe three
      courses for an afternoon track) at Collegiun with the addition of...oh, say
      a horse garb class (Genevieve?  Did you want to make that El Cega
      pattern?... :-) No pressure!)

      This is a really new area to most of the populace, so anything goes as far
      as what members of this list might teach a class on.  Some ideas I had were:
      - differences between english and western trained horses/riding
      - Horse tack hands on/where to find horse gear cheap (Troxel helmets,etc.)
      - making equestrian games equipment

      Unfortunately, its the weekend before my wedding, so I can't attend
      Collegium.  Anyone interested in adding to Bethia's class?

      In service,
      Lady Marguerite
      Mists Equestrian Officer

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