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Re: [WessexRail] A Christmas Message

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  • Russell Willam Styles Burgess
    ... To be honest, I don t believe in him (someone travaling all-over the earth in 12 hours? I don t think so!) ... Did I post many messages? ... So do I, and I
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 25, 2000
      > Well it isn't long now before a big fat bloke in a red cost turns up,
      > delivering all those wonderful presents for you and me!! (it is only
      > 10:30pm as I write this). And so I would like to take this opportunity to
      > wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

      To be honest, I don't believe in him (someone travaling all-over the
      earth in 12 hours? I don't think so!)

      > I would also like to thank everyone who posted messages to WRGEN and
      > WessexRail, and most of all, my thanks goes to the other list owners (Ken
      > Wilson and Peter Jackson), for their support over the last year (without
      > them, I might have gone insane!!).

      Did I post many messages?

      > As is the custom of this time of the year, it is always good to look back
      > at some of the high and low points of the year. In March, we saw the
      > splitting of the old list (Hampshire Rail) into the two lists that we see
      > today. At that point each list only had about 30 members each, but today
      > WRGEN has around 120 members, while WessexRail has just over 70. This makes
      > me feel that we are on the right tracks (no pun intended!) and that we now
      > have joined the ranks of the established groups. And lets hope that it
      > continues. Don't forget, if you know of anyone who would like to join, then
      > point them in the direction of our website at http://www.wrgen.co.uk

      So do I, and I hope more younger people will join. I'm problably the
      youngest here. I am only 14 and I live near Chichester (actully, I'm
      in Fishbourne!).

      > There have been some low points in the year. Most notable was the decision
      > by Egroups to put advertisements at the top of their emails, which meant
      > that the WRGEN was moved to Topica (believe me, that was a headache and a
      > half). Even though Egroups changed their minds a month later, I don't see
      > any reason to move the list back. And if that wasn't enough, Genie went
      > down a couple of months back, only to come back as something completely
      > different and almost totally unworkable. At least we managed to find an
      > alternative in Unimobile, but even this is having problems - latest report
      > on this is that Unimobile have stopped sending emails to Mobile Phones for
      > the time being. This does not only affect us, but other lists as well. To
      > date, no one knows why they have done this, but hopefully after Chrismas
      > and the New Year, we might be able to find out why.

      What is a Unimobile? A WAP phone?

      > So what else have we had this year? A lot actually, but the highlights must
      > be - Top and Tail 47's to Portsmouth, 58's returning to the south, Anglia
      > 170's, and now SWT 170's, a new freight flow from Wool, and the
      > introduction of 458's to Alton (only to be removed a few months later). Add
      > into this some very strange VXC workings, and the appearance of Freighliner
      > 66's to Southampton, and it had been a very good year.

      And the incedennce at Petersfield, Southampton, Bristol, where
      ever. And me being a Video Vermin for the day. Actully, and since I
      go to pompey, the top 'n' tails are now single! And Alta Visa taking
      over cronnex francise!

      > But what is in store for 2001? Well we all know that the new VXC units
      > should start appearing next summer, which could see the end of both 47's
      > and HST on VXC services. Now's the time to buy a Network card (yes you can
      > still get them), as I can see a lot of Saturdays travelling to Reading,
      > Bournemouth and Weymouth. We should know who gets the new Wessex franchise,
      > and wether Stagecoach gets to keep South West Trains. You never know, but
      > we might get to see the 458's in action at Reading and Alton! Plus the
      > 180's will be seen at Reading, Swindon and Bath, when they start in service.

      1959 stock for the IOW? Or 1972 MK1? We could be seeing a load
      of things! Full time HST's to pompey? There has been HST's in
      Portsmouth! BTW, did you foget the Cronnex 375?

      > On the list side, WRGEN has been hosted at Topica for a few months now, and
      > besides from a little teething problem, it has been working well there. So
      > I have no real plans to move it back to Egroups. Instead I hope to move
      > WessexRail to Topica, but this won't take place until Easter.

      How do you plan to transferr everyone to the (new) group?

      > As to anything else, well that is entirely up to you. With so many members
      > now, and the prospect of everyone trying to get 47 haulage before they
      > disappear, it might be worth getting together for a drink or two every now
      > and then. There are one or two good pubs in Weymouth, while we're waiting
      > for the Weymouth service to be turned round (that's if it ever arrives on
      > time!).

      One idea, I won't be looking forword to the end of the 47's! They are
      extremly verstile, and you could say that since the 1960's, they are
      the back bone of our contry. Not suprising with over 500 built!

      > Anyway, have a good Christmas and New Year. And don't forget to post what
      > you see.

      And I also hope you all a happy Christmas!
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