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Just released PROMO - Sacrificial Sex by Laura Tolomei - XXX M/M Excerpt Adult

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  • Laura Tolomei
    JUST RELEASED * * Sacrificial
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      Sacrificial Sex
      Laura Tolomei
      eXtasy Books.
      Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Gay

      ISBN: 978-1-55487-243-5

       By the author of DIVINITAS & TRESPASSING ALL HALLOWS EVE, Hinted and The Moon Priestess, all available at eXtasy book, a brand new novel.

       Will the handsome stranger convince the bloodthirsty sorcerer to stop vicious human sacrifices? But can he afford to pay the price to fulfil his quest?


      A young man, thrown in a primitive world where blood and sex are sacrificed to sanguinary gods in a vicious ritual, tries to stop the sorcerer from satisfying his own bloodlust and sexual cravings on innocent virgins. An intended victim himself, the handsome stranger will use sexual persuasion to gain his trust without revealing the truth behind the bloody offerings. But in his dangerous quest to save the virgins, Rowen will get more blood, sex and cruelty than he has bargained for.

      Excerpt M/M erotic

      Permission granted, still a lifetime training hampered Patris’s movements so he entered hesitantly the sacred area, walking fast to reach its center and kneel next to Mylos’s naked form. “Master, there is a woman to see you. She has a…an offering with her.”

      “How long since she came?”

      “Well, Master, we had to look for you so she’s been waiting for a while.”

      “Good.” Mylos’s hand grabbed Patris’s neck and pushed him down on his belly. “I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a little longer.”

      Knowing exactly what his Master wanted, Patris opened his warm mouth, positioning it over the tip of the erection straining in front of his face. How long the Blood Divine had been like that, he had no idea, although he was sure or the remedy to release his Master’s tension. Without wasting more time, Patris’s hot cavity enveloped the bulging head and swallowed it. His tongue lashed out to curl around its thickness, sliding on the entire length in long, wet laps that covered each side. Hard sucks soon followed, tentative at first as if unsure on how to go about it. Hard, then more forcefully as he drew the cock further inside. He felt it strain against the confined space, hitting his cheek and palate before hovering on the brink of the throat fall.

      In an attempt to fight him off, Patris breathed deeper and almost choked on it. Quick as lightning, it had inserted in the even tighter space available, trying to slide all the way down. Managing to keep it at bay was the start of a new game as his tongue wrapped around the stone-like shaft, traveling seductively from top to bottom, his head bobbing along with the movement, partly controlled by Mylos’s continued hold on his neck. He knew his Master wanted him to step up the rhythm so he had no choice, but to comply. Using also his hands, he increased his lappings, sucking harder than before, uncaring if he choked, but coughing liberally if he could not resist…anything to please his Master.

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      Ciao from Rome,


      Laura Tolomei aka Lalla Gatta

      NOW AVAILABLE Sacrificial Sex by eXtasy Books

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      Coming soon Re-Scue by FDWP Firedrake Weyr Publishing


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