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My first newsletter in a long time!

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  • weebledog
    Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I surely miss all of you! I get to see some people when we meet at Auntie Beth s house. It s now my house too, but I guess
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2010
      Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I surely miss all of you! I get to see some people when we meet at Auntie Beth's house. It's now my house too, but I guess I'll always call it "Auntie Beth's house."

      Let's see, it's been so long since I spoke to you that I don't even know where to begin. Let's see if I can play catch up for you. After Mom passed away, I came to live with Auntie Beth and Uncle Randall. They had taken care of me before, and since I know Auntie Beth from the shop, it really wasn't that hard of a transition. The hardest part so far has been the stairs. They are all over this house! Stairs to get into the house, stairs to go up to the sewing room, stairs to go down the basement where the quilt studio is, stairs to go out to the backyard to potty even! However, all the exercise has been so good for me that I've lost weight. I have a waistline that you wouldn't believe! I still don't go for walks with Auntie Beth and cousin Toby. He's a flat coated retriever who leaves lots of dog hair around the house. This makes it easier to hide the hair that I leave behind, and Auntie Beth only blames him. Ha, ha Toby! Even though I don't go for walks because of my neurological disorder, I still get cookies when they come back. I think I've got it better than he does. I don't have to traipse all over the neighborhood getting "exercise", but I get a cookie after he's done with his. There's a cat here too, but he sleeps a lot and mostly leaves me alone. When Pryo, the cat, is mad, he usually takes a swipe at Toby and leaves me alone. Of course, I've got the sense to be curled up and adorable in one of my many beds from mom, so maybe that's why he leaves me alone. I'm so cute that Pyro can't bear to be rude to me. Yes, that must be it.

      I do hope that you'll keep in touch with me. I always enjoyed hearing about your furry children and the adventures that they had. If you are ever in the Portland, OR area, I hope that you'll let us know so that we can get together and I can lick your ankles. I think that's what I miss the most. Auntie Beth and Uncle Randall won't let me lick their ankles, so I only get to kiss people when people come over to their house. At least I still get to bark at all the critters on the TV, just like with my Mom.

      Hey! It's 5pm! Isn't it time for dinner? Let's go and see if someone will feed me. Talk to you soon!

      Weeble and the rest of the EOCQuilting team
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