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9All better now

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  • weebledog
    Nov 12, 2010
      Good morning everyone.

      I just wanted to update you on the state of my toe. I'm now all better, thank goodness! I really didn't like having to go for a car ride out to the veterinarians, even though I got to sit on Auntie Beth's lap the whole way. Nothing like having your toe ache and ache to make you associate them with a bad place. I must say that once they gave me some pain meds, and then I got my pretty bandage on, I felt much better.

      Now, what else is happening? I know, I should be the most important thing to discuss, but it seems that I should share my knowledge of other happenings with you as well.

      Let's see. First, a reminder that the 3rd Saturday gathering will be held at our house on the 20th of November. Thanks to Aunties Lisa and Rachel for opening their house to you on the first weekend so Auntie Beth could work for Weight Watchers. Which didn't happen by the way.

      I think we also need to have a post Thanksgiving retreat here too. This would be a great time to finish up those Christmas gifts that you need to work on away from certain people in your house. So, the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving please let us know if you are going to come and join in the fun. We'll be eating leftovers (of course), and you can leave your machines set up here overnight. Sorry, it's not a sleepover retreat, although I could share some of my beds with you if you need a nap. This will be November 26 and 27 from 10am-4pm both days.

      I'll tentatively say that the 1st Sat. in December meeting will be held here as well, but with the way Auntie Beth has been changing that around, maybe I'm wrong this time.

      Speaking of the 1st Sat. in December, she'll also reveal her suggestion for the 1st Sat. block of the month for 2011 that day, and get a final count of how many people are interested in doing "Chrissy Down Under" by McKenna Ryan.

      Oh my goodness, did I just mention Christmas and 2011? How is that possible? The year can't possibly be winding to a close! Oh well, I guess denial isn't going to work this time. Just a reminder that Auntie Beth now has gift certificates available for purchase. So, if you've got someone wonderful in your house who knows of your delight in quilting, you may want to mention the idea of a gift certificate to them for a gift for you!

      I think that's all my news for now, so I'm off to have a well deserved post breakfast nap. Sweet dreams everyone.

      Weeble and the rest of the EOCQuilting team.