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7Happy Howloween!

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  • weebledog
    Oct 31, 2010
      Good morning everyone! Sorry I am late in getting out my newsletter this week. No excuses, time just got away from me.

      Anyone have any big plans for Halloween today? I see that Uncle Randall picked up some candy at the store, so I guess I'll have to bark at all the kids that come to the house and threaten them with my fearsome voice. I don't think I'll dress up though. I'll probably be locked in another room away from the front door, so no one will even get to see how cute I am in my costume. Besides, fairy wings and a vicious bark don't really go together, do they?

      Speaking of food, it's about time we got some more kibble that I like to eat around here! I thought I was going to starve for the past 3 days. The last stuff that was served didn't have any smell, and if it doesn't smell, how am I supposed to tell that it's even there? This new stuff smells really good so I can find it quickly and easily.

      By the way, Auntie Beth really owes Toby and I some serious loves of late. We were locked out on the cold back porch for most of the day yesterday while she had people over to play with her big machine. So what if not everyone loves dogs? Everyone LOVES a pug! It probably wouldn't be fair to Toby to leave him out in the cold all alone though, so I guess I had to go too. (It still isn't fair that he's the intrusive one, and I get punished for it too.)

      On that pouting note, I think I'll wrap up for the day, and go and have my first morning nap. I've got to rest up for all the barking later today.

      Have a great week, and I hope to hear from you soon.

      Weeble and the rest of the EOCQuilting team.