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11Post Thanksgiving

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  • weebledog
    Nov 27, 2010
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      Good morning,

      Sorry to be late this week with my newsletter. Still recovering from eating too much on Thanksgiving I guess.

      I hope that you all had a lovely holiday, and that you got to spend time withe people that you care about. I got to spend the morning with Toby and Uncle Randall. Auntie Beth went on a bike ride. Gee, what a surprise. Then they left us alone to starve while they went out to Grandma's house. Don't tell them, but Toby and I spent the rest of the day asleep on our beds, then just read them the riot act when they got home. I can't believe that the really believe us when we tell them that we are starving. Since I didn't eat my dinner that night, maybe they are less likely to believe us.

      So many lovely people that used to come to the shop came over yesterday to sew. It's so lovely to have people comment on my svelte new figure and improved energy level.

      I wish that you could all have seen me this past week. We had really cold temperatures here, so I have been wearing my sweatshirt from mom in the house. It's still a little snug through the neck and shoulders, so that made it hard to climb the stairs. I think I've built up so much muscle in my arms and shoulders that this is why it's tighter now. I even went up to the park with everybody on Sunday. Got to wear my purple polarfleece coat that mom got for me on our last beach trip. Between the purple coat and the purple harness, I was even more adorable than I usually am, and I got to show off my lovely outfit to lots more people. Auntie Beth said that I didn't have to walk to the park, but I did walk around the park quite a bit. Mostly staying off the pavement because of my foot flipping handicap, but I still managed to bloody one toe a little bit. Auntie Beth said she was so surprised that I didn't fall asleep for the rest of the day after our park jaunt, but as I said before, I've got so much more energy now. In fact, it was Auntie Beth complaining of using different muscles and being sore for several days, so there!

      Stay safe and warm, and I hope to see or hear from you all soon.

      Weeble and the rest of the EOCQuilting Team