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Howle keeps the Bunn BCS pipeline alive

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    Story by Craig Haubert Scouts Inc. March 28, 2008 Though a small town of about 500 people, Bunn, North Carolina has become a hot destination in college
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      Story by Craig Haubert
      Scouts Inc.
      March 28, 2008

      Though a small town of about 500 people, Bunn, North
      Carolina has become a hot destination in college football
      recruiting. In the Class of 2007, ESPN 150 defensive end
      Kerry Neal signed with Notre Dame. In the Class of 2008,
      Under Armour All-American Brandon Barnes signed with N.C.

      With the 2009 class in full swing, it looks like Bunn High
      School is going to send another prospect to a BCS program.
      While a great feeling for coach David Howle to see two of
      his players move on to big-time programs, this year will be
      extra sweet when his son Ty Howle signs with Penn State.

      The ESPN 150 Watch List center verbally committed last
      weekend on an unofficial visit to Happy Valley. "Once I got
      there and visited my mind was made up. The way they treated
      me and everything it was just unreal," said Howle. The good
      impression Penn State made was not lost on David Howle,
      either, someone familiar with the recruiting process having
      helped Neal and Barnes.

      "You tell how bad they wanted Ty," he said.

      The opportunity for David and Ty to sit down in a room with
      two current Nittany Lions--A.Q. Shipley and Stefen
      Wisniewski--allowed the Howles to get some candid feedback
      and left a good impression.

      Academics and playing time played a big part in Howle's
      decision; Joe's Paterno's age did not.

      "Joe Paterno's going strong," he said.

      He was also told by the Penn State coaching staff that with
      two centers set to graduate after the 2008 season, he has a
      chance to play right away.

      Howle can now concentrate on his senior year without
      recruiting distractions, much like his two former teammates
      did by making early choices.

      "Seeing what things they were looking for in a college and
      what they were intrigued by definitely helped me. I wrote a
      list of things I wanted to see the college I go to have and
      that was a good idea they brought me."

      With Howle now set, the next question is who does the tiny
      town of Bunn North Carolina have next in the pipeline for
      the BCS programs?

      Ty Howle's Scouts Inc. Evaluation

      You might ask "how" Howle does it at center? At just
      6-foot-2 he is like a John Deere plowing the field with
      defensive linemen. He's a formidable base blocker who comes
      out of his stance determined to knock the nose guard or
      defensive tackle into the secondary. Churns feet and with
      low center of gravity and simply isn't satisfied until the
      defender is well out of the play or on his back. Defensive
      linemen are at a distinct disadvantage and cannot win the
      battle of low pads.

      Howle is a well coached and instinctive football player who
      is the field general for the offensive front. Stings the
      pass rusher on quick passes but has some trouble with
      deeper pass sets. Doesn't quite have the long arms need to
      keep defenders away from body but will fight to the end.
      Lower-body strength is evident in his ability to power the
      enemy off the line of scrimmage; will really need to use
      hands as a weapon in pass protection. Needs to hit and
      recoil to keep pass rushers at bay. Fits in best with a
      program that likes to run the football. Because of stature,
      can only play center at the college level.

      Howle is a coach's dream; goes all out every play and a guy
      you can count on not blowing an assignment or letting up.
      Can become an all-around lineman if he progresses at pass


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