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From the board - well said (imo)/Sagarin fun

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  • Bob
    ... I m not sure we can compare the the two programs. The FB program has been a winning (money-making) tradition whereas the BB team was an also-ran, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2004
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      Defina, Anthony F. wrote:

      >I really don't think we will be straying from Joe's main vision with the next coach (or the one after that, if it is within a few years).
      >We haven't compromised the overall vision for the althetic department and have been very successful in everything excpet men's basketball and (the last few years) football (and men's basketball may be on the upswing).
      >And, I am convinced that not a lot needs to be changed, actually. There are things that Joe does that annoy all of us (more for some than others) but they are not completely out of the realm of what even the currently winningest coaches do. With little change (other than just people dynamics), we will be back on top.
      I'm not sure we can compare the the two programs. The FB program has
      been a winning (money-making) tradition whereas the BB team was an
      also-ran, and usually a joke we kept sequestered. There is a far
      greater chance of returning to prominence with some change in the FB
      program, and I doubt our BB team ever becomes a perennial powerhouse.
      Still, I do hope that the FB program does't lose that which made us special.

      OK, that said, let's have some fun with the current Sagarin ratings (and
      yes, Kevin, I understand they are a work in progress, as are all the
      computer models, which is why thy should have zero bearing on anything
      -- and hardly football).

      Currently, the BCS formula has mighty Penn State at 109th...trailing the
      University OF Pennsylvania at 108th! According to Sagarin, PSU is 84th
      (I would have placed us between 80-85, so I got that one right) and Penn
      slinks in at 97. If we played Penn AT Penn, it's a pick-em!

      We rank behind: Harvard, William & Mary, 'Nova, Delaware, Pitt, CT,
      Cal-Poly (Cal-Poly??), and....Indy! OK, add to that James Madison, New
      Hampshire, Florida Atlantic, and Syracuse.

      We are better than Rutgers, Maine, and TOLEDO!! Look how far we've come
      in a few short years...we'd be favored over the team that whupped up on
      us just a few years back.

      Now, Jeff has USC and Cal playing for the marbles. For whatever reason,
      he thinks the Pac-10 is special. He says Cal has played the #4 schedule
      in the country. This schedule includes New Mexico State and Air force
      (both 3-5) along with the rest of the Pac-10. Of course, Iowa getting
      blown to pieces by AS early on skewed everything.

      Yes, they are just numbers, but pretty frightening to see Penn State get
      mangled by the computers. FWIW, if PSU played Penn inside the Palestra
      and they stuffed it with 100,000 UP alumni and not one Penn State fan
      attending (and our wonderful Big Ten refs on hand to make certain all
      the big calls go Penn's way), we'd still beat them 44-3. Or worse. But
      for now, the computers say otherwise.

      Old D
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