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Shopping Extravaganza Newsletter # 65 - December 6th, 2008

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     Happy Holidays! Shopping Extravaganza Newsletter Issue # 65 - Saturday December 6th, 2008 All companies quick pick listings on our website! click on
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      Happy Holidays!
      Shopping Extravaganza Newsletter 
          Issue # 65 Saturday December 6th, 2008
      All companies quick pick listings on our website!
      Shop anytime from your Seat instead of
      on your Feet save money on gas , save
      time and beat the heat anytime!
      ************ *****
      Hot Picksget your Shopping done with any
      of our Vendors or Advertise with us! 

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      All Gifts Online - Your one Stop Shopping Source -- Corporatehttp://www.allgifts online.com and Shopping Mall - http://www.all- gifts-online. com --  We offer an array of distinctive gifts for all occasions and every budget! our selections include but not limited to Wine Accessories, Wine Cellars, Cosmetics & Aromatherapy, Golf Gifts, Wine Gifts, Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Gift Baskets, Engraved Crystal, Party Favors, Wedding, Gift Sets, Gourmet Foods, PlantMakers! , Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews, Rogar Corkscrews, Portable Imprinters, Waterford Crystal and much more!  ....Get a Holiday GWP by mentioning this Newsletter[01-2009]


      Like Wine and need to safe-keep them?
      How about a Wine Cellar? we have anything from 24 bottles to 700 bottles, garage type or in-home furniture type. These make great gifts and a more wonderful investment for your wine. Request our articles about wine and wine cellars. For more info or to view visit our websites http://www.bacchuswinecellars.com or http://www.giftsbyprovintech.com -- email to contact us or check coordinates on Gifts By Provintech, we are still moving our offices temporarily while damages from IKE are fixed. (11-03-09)

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      Play the Pick A Spot Game!  Buy one spot or more in increments of $5-$6-$10 and receive a "Grab Bag" worth from $50-$300 -- Your choice of 8 Grab Bags and 2 different lines! go to http://health. groups.yahoo. com/group/ BeautyNWellness -- Any purchase of products min. $25.00 will qualify you for one FREE spot, $50.00 will get you two FREE spots etc....

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      - Learn the art of growing plants in artificial soil! The concept is rather unique and facinating and has been used in high class
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      Lia Sophia Jewelry
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      Noevir Cosmetics
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      Jewels by Park Lane  
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