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Re: WJ 8618B-1

Hi,A5A2 must be imperatively in its place and not in the options slot !I hope this mistake has not destroyed some components ...Try to put the card in its slot
philippe de jong
Apr 19

WJ 8618B-1

Hello all, A few time ago i got a 8618B-1 receiver with extended frequency to 1100MHz and after setting it to 220V AC i found that it wasn't working well. I
Apr 18

Interesting item

This should work nicely with WJ receivers. I've never seen one of these before. Very tempted to grab it but I'll resist this time. Someone please get it
Peter Gottlieb
Apr 18

WJ 8618B (S1) for sale

Hi all, I decided to sell my 8618B receiver, which was removed from a monitoring station a long time ago. I believe is working, but was listed "as is". Watkins
Apr 5

Re: My WJ-8716 has started blowing fuses after non-use for some time

Shorted tantalum capacitors. I've seen that failure many times.
Apr 1

My WJ-8716 has started blowing fuses after non-use for some time

Hi all, Are there any common faults for the WJ-8716-18 series that would cause fuses to blow when switched on ? In the past I replaced the input Power
Apr 1

WJ 8618 B S1 parts package sold

Glad to see someone get them all. doug
Mar 6

WJ 8730A spectrum monitor

Hi all, can anyone provide me a schematics and description for the embedded spectrum monitor for my 8730A. Sweep is not stable and disappears after 2 minutes
Mar 4

Reduced: WJ 8618 B (S1) parts package

I am reducing the price for the parts package previously listed at $750.00 to $575.00. Doug
Mar 3

Re: Parted Out WJ 8618 B (S1) serial # 13xx Receiver

What do you mean by "parted out?" Usually that means you are selling something part by part but here it looks like you are selling a damaged whole unit. Peter
Peter Gottlieb
Feb 28

Clarificcation on WJ1618B (S1) Parting Out

I need to clarify things regarding my previous posting as Peter G. suggested. I have completely taken apart the unit and disposed of the rear panel as well
Feb 28

Parted Out WJ 8618 B (S1) serial # 13xx Receiver

I have parted out everything. This unit has the optional SSB, BITE, DRD FE, LOC and VBFO boards. The top and bottom covers, side panels, face plate, power
Feb 27

WJ 8618B(S1) option games while snowed in

Another group member and I have been playing around with enabling options in firmware for the 8618B(S1) after I noticed a certain pattern in the EPROM data.
Peter Gottlieb
Feb 2

LTV sdu

Hello All I have a rare LTV sdu and looks similar, not the same as a G186A and has a temco sticker on it. It is all tubes the sweep is 25kc 50kc 100kc 300kc
Feb 2


Have just purchased an WJ 8770-1 receiver on Ebay. Does anyone have access to documentation for this intriguing radio receiver?
Jan 31
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