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Loza, Skinner and the Games People Play

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  • whj@melanet.com
    One thing I really dislike is the sacrificing of pawns and scape goats and pretend that it is the pursuit of the truth. I know both primarily as community
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2010
      One thing I really dislike is the sacrificing of pawns and scape goats and pretend that it is the pursuit of the truth.  I know both primarily as community activist and servants, not too fimilar with them in their roles as political operatives.  Personally, I wish them and their families well during this tough times, while not excusing anything or anyone.  However, we in Ward 1 live in a highly pay to play, quid pro quo, I scratch your back you scratch mine political/civic environment where the greater good almost always takes a way back seat.
      I find it problematic to throw these two men under the bus, for playing the only game in town without also taking a hard look at the game and the big players.  It is not in our civic and political interests to pretend that sacrificing these two man cleans the not so clean hands we all have in this game.  As our own political and civic cowardice and laziness is the real problem here.  There is hardly a public/private deal done in Columbia Heights and the Ward that was not gamed.  However, we have gone from a community which would at least push back to one where everyone has their hands out, winking and knodding their way into the game.
      The game is the game, and it is not being run and played by just two people. Can you play the game and not be corrupted by the game. I don't know, but scapegoating two people while not holding others accountable is just not right and it is shameful.  The silence in this Ward is just unacceptable, no wonder we have a gang problem. It's just plain karma.
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