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Today! DC Petrocollapse Conference Unites Experts, Activists and Visionaries

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  • Ethan X
    DC Resistance Media Collective Media Advisory For immediate release May 5, 2006 May 6th DC Petrocollapse Conference: Culture Change and Sustainable
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      DC Resistance Media Collective

      Media Advisory
      For immediate release

      May 5, 2006

      May 6th DC Petrocollapse Conference: Culture
      Change and Sustainable Post-Petroleum Living

      What: Experts Address Peak Oil and the Root Causes of Soaring Energy Costs

      When: Saturday, May 6, 2006, 9am – 7pm

      Where: All Souls Unitarian Church
      at 16th & Harvard Streets NW,
      Washington, DC
      (near Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan Metros)

      With gasoline prices soaring once again, natural gas supplies stretched drum-tight, and global conflict accelerating over diminishing  petroleum sources, public attention has turned increasingly toward energy supplies, costs and alternatives.

      Many independent oil experts agree that the world has hit or is fast approaching Peak Oil, the point at which half of the Earth's oil reserves are exhausted, supply enters permanent decline, and prices begin to skyrocket. The sudden impacts of perpetual oil shortage could strike at any time and would resonate throughout our economy and communities. Are people and communities prepared? Can institutions and governments plan for mitigation?

      Will oil supplies decline gradually or will we face "PetroCollapse," a massive failure of the global petroleum infrastructure to provide the goods and services on which our consumer economy depends? The DC Petrocollapse Conference will present the facts about Peak Oil, and envision strategies that communities need to achieve post-Peak Oil economic sustainability.


      · Albert Bates: Global Ecovillage Network

      · Diana Christian: Communities Magazine

      · John Darnell: Ph.D. energy advisor

      · Richard Heinberg: Author of The Party's Over and Powerdown

      · Michael Kane: Alternative energy analyst, From The Wilderness pubs.

      · Jan Lundberg: Petroleum industry analyst, founder of Culture Change

      · Pat Murphy: The Community Solution

      · Jenna Orkin: Moderator; World Trade Center Environmental Org.

      · Mark Robinowitz: Author of Permatopia: A Graceful End To Cheap Oil

      · Joel Salatin: Organic Agriculturalist, Author of You Can Farm

      The DC Petrocollapse Conference will feature the DC premieres of two new documentary films: The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil and Our Synthetic Sea, about the planet-wide plastic pollution of the world's oceans. From 5 to 7 pm, the conference will conclude with music performed by the Peak Oilers (Richard Heinberg on violin, Jan Lundberg playing guitar).


      Jan Lundberg, Culture Change Founder
      (703) 869-6465 (cell) / (215) 243-3144 (vm)

      Ethan Genauer, Conference Coordinator
      (202) 966-2202 / ethan (at) culturechange.org

      Conference sponsored by Culture Change
      Visit www.PetroCollapse.org
      and www.CultureChange.org
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