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Nightlife Advocates Renew Call For Reform

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  • Mark Lee / ATLAS
    RE: D.C. Nightlife Advocates Renew Call For ABC Regulatory Reform, Launch New Ad Campaign ________________________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      Nightlife Advocates Renew Call For Reform

      RE: D.C. Nightlife Advocates Renew Call For ABC
            Regulatory Reform, Launch New Ad Campaign


      D.C. nightlife advocates have announced
      the launch this week of a print ad campaign
      in local city-wide community publications to
      urge D.C. Councilmembers to enact proposed
      regulatory reforms currently under review and
      scheduled to be considered in the first weeks of
      the new year following the current Council recess.

      Full-page print advertisements call on lawmakers
      to approve several new Council-initiated reforms
      to Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) regulations
      and identify specific regulatory reforms to be
      reviewed in January. Previous ad campaigns
      have generated thousands of messages from
      local area residents and nightlife consumers to
      Mayor Anthony Williams and D.C. Councilmembers
      voicing support for regulatory reform proposals.

      The weekly ad placements are sponsored by
      the Committee for a Living DC (CLDC) and the
      D.C. Licensed Beverage Association (DCLBA)
      and will begin appearing in the weekly editions
      of the Washington Blade, Washington City Paper,
      Metro Weekly, and the monthly January edition
      of The InTowner. The ad will first appear in this
      week's January 2 edition of the Washington Blade
      on Page 7.

      An advance preview of the text of this new
      print ad campaign follows below.



      The Washington, D.C., Council is currently
      reviewing city nightlife laws. Thousands of
      residents and consumers have voiced their
      support for common-sense regulatory reform
      to restore balance and end the unpopular and
      unprecedented prohibitions against music,
      dancing, DJs, entertainment, and operating
      hours imposed by anti-nightlife citizen groups
      as small as three individuals. A growing
      consensus recognizes that city laws are
      unfair, unworkable, and threaten the largest
      private sector industry contributing 10% of
      Washington's total annual overall tax revenues.

      Tell D.C. Councilmembers to support a healthy
      and vibrant community nightlife in the nation's
      capital! Tell D.C. Councilmembers Adrian Fenty
      (D-Ward 4) and Phil Mendelson (D-At Large)
      to stop unduly burdening and over-regulating
      local small business venues and inhibiting the
      cultural and financial vitality of the heartbeat
      of a world-class city.

      Urge Council passage of sensible Council-initiated
      regulatory reforms designed to:

      -- Affirm the historic "dual use" principle of
      restaurants as entertainment venues and
      eliminate all arbitrary food sales quotas
      which currently threaten to close many of
      the city's popular nightlife and dining venues

      -- Repeal the 14(e) referendum process
      used by anti-nightlife protestants to deny
      a venue license application or change -- as
      already approved by a recent preliminary
      11-1 Council vote to repeal

      -- Restore to the law traditional appropriateness
      standards balancing complaints regarding common
      urban living issues, such as parking, with benefits
      to the local economy, employment, and culture

      -- Halt ongoing city-wide abuse of the infamous
      and so-called "Voluntary Agreements" -- hijacked
      by small anti-nightlife groups to override the city's
      licensing laws establishment by establishment -- by
      outlawing the now common restrictions on operating
      hours and prohibitions of music, entertainment, and
      advertising without cause; requiring the solution to
      any real and documented problems by the least
      restrictive effective remedy available; ending
      "front-loaded" pre-emptive restrictions; adding
      a sunset provision; and revising legal "standing"
      in licensing matters to ensure that proponents
      also have a voice.


      Committee for a Living DC
      D.C. Licensed Beverage Association
      Frederic Harwood, Executive Director


      PO Box 53025   Washington, DC 20009-9025
      ATLAS InfoLine   202 331 4422

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