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Whole Foods Market - More News!

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    From: columbiaheightsnews I just spoke with Karen Riley, a Real Estate Coordinator for Whole Foods Market corporate
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      From: "columbiaheightsnews" <columbiaheightsnews@...>

      I just spoke with Karen Riley, a Real Estate Coordinator for Whole Foods Market
      corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. She is working directly with
      the Whole Foods Market real estate team that is handling the negotiations
      with DC USA developers.

      According to Karen Riley, negotiations to bring Whole Foods Market to DC USA
      have not ended. She did admit that the situation didn't look good. She did
      confirm that the 35,000 sq. ft. that has been configured by DC USA for Whole
      Foods was inadequate. She said that at a minimum, they were looking for
      45,000 sq. ft. She also noted that parking was a concern. She understands
      that there is a metro station adjacent to DC USA and that many people
      live withing walking distance. But Whole Foods Market would still like to
      have at least 40-45 parking spaces dedicated to employees and customers.

      Despite these concerns, Ms. Riley said that her team was still negotiating with
      DC USA developers. A deadline for an ultimate decision has not been set.

      I told Ms. Riley just how much community support there is for Whole Foods
      coming to Columbia Heights. I asked her if there is anything we as a
      community could do. She said that the best thing we could do is send her an
      email (karen.riley@...) expressing our support for Whole Foods. Ms.
      Riley said she could then report our support to her team.

      Thank you everyone who has emailed us, signed our petition, and voted in our
      poll. I can compile all the responses I have already received and send it to
      Ms. Riley. But I urge everyone who supports Whole Foods Market coming to DC USA
      to email Karen Riley at karen.riley@..., even if you have already
      emailed me or signed the petition. When you send your message of support to
      Ms. Riley, please also cc (or bcc) me at info@... so I
      can keep a running tally of supporters. That way I can send you periodic
      updates on how many of you have emailed Ms. Riley so far. Please be assured
      that I will never reveal your name or personal information to anyone.

      I will post the information that I'm providing you here on Columbia Heights
      News this afternoon. Please be reminded of the massive effort that the Logan
      Circle community put forth to bring Whole Foods to P St NW. The community
      was able to amass 3,000 written pleas. I think we can do the same but we
      need to work hard and spread the word!

      "[Fresh Fields] began eyeing a site on the corner of V and 13th streets NW.
      But when a group of Logan Circle citizens -- white Victorian home rehabbers
      -- learned of Fresh Fields' interest, they launched a campaign to persuade
      the company to consider P Street instead. The group produced a 52-page demographic
      study that showed the 1997 market price of a home within half a mile of
      the P Street site was $342,000. It flooded Whole Foods' headquarters in
      Austin, Tex., with more than 3,000 written pleas." Source: Palace of
      Plenty - April 21, 2001 - The Washington Post.

      Columbia Heights News

      Forwarded by Darrell Duane, resident of Columbia Heights
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