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Operation Ceasefire: Bring the Troops Home - September 24

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  • Adam Eidinger
    *Operation Ceasefire, September 24^th * *Stop the War and Bring the Troops Home* *Volunteer Meeting Monday, August 1, 7PM * *Flemming Center, 1426 9^th Street,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2005
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      Operation Ceasefire, September 24th

      Stop the War and Bring the Troops Home

      Volunteer Meeting Monday, August 1, 7PM

      Flemming Center, 1426 9th Street, NW Washington, DC


      This September, music has the potential to change the world! International recording stars Thievery Corporation will bring together several notable musical acts such as: Punk-rock bands Anti-Flag, Le Tigre, Bouncing Souls, Country music recording artist Steve Earle, Socially conscious Hip-Hop groups like The Coup, along with our own local Hip Hop legend and staunch progressive activist Head-Roc, Jello Biafra, Wayne Kramer of the MC5 and many others will unite on one stage for one cause! As Live Aid and Live 8 raised desperately needed funds and awareness for hunger and poverty, Operation Ceasefire intends to raise money for the fight against the misguided and immoral war and occupation of Iraq!


                Operation Ceasefire, with the help of Thievery Corporation, plans to produce a live CD and DVD of the concert. Proceeds from this free concert will be directed to co-sponsor United for Peace and Justice and local peace group, the D.C. Anti-War Network (DAWN). Thievery Corporation and several individuals have already donated nearly $40,000 to this anti-war concert because they believe in Operation Ceasefire’s mission. We are estimating there to be upwards of 100,000 people attending the Operation Ceasefire concert and despite these generous funds, it will require more than just the financial contributions of Thievery Cooperation and a handful of others to make this event a success!  WE WILL NEED FAR MORE MONEY AND PEOPLE POWER — WE NEED YOUR HELP!




                The organizers of Operation Ceasefire need volunteers and additional monetary donations for what most assuredly will be a historic event never before witnessed in the Nation’s Capital. The concert is scheduled to take place the evening of Saturday, September 24th following the organized massive peace march and rally demanding an end to the neo-conservatives’ war and occupation of Iraq.


                The stage for Operation Ceasefire is the Washington Monument with the White House as a backdrop. This is THE central location for ‘freedom of speech’ protests in the capital city, and a natural focal point for the anti-war mobilization taking place the weekend of September 24th -26th, 2005.


                Please join us as we plan to make Operation Ceasefire’s impact on today’s War in Iraq the equivalent to what Woodstock was for the Vietnam War Era! You can help make this progressive anti-war concert a success and in the process strengthen the peace and justice movement of today in hopes of a far better tomorrow.


                According to recent polls by ABC, CNN and other sources, a majority of Americans are now coming out against this war and occupation. The time to act is now! We invite all to come to Washington – join the struggle for peace and enjoy great live music!


                Operation Ceasefire needs volunteers for a variety of roles: Fundraising, outreach, stage and talent assistance, to mention a few. These are desperately needed roles to be filled by people such as you.


      Soon, a website focused solely on the concert will be launched so people outside the DC area will be able to sign-up to volunteer. The tentative launch is scheduled for the first week of August.


      For those in the DC area please join us for the first public Operation Ceasefire Volunteer meeting Monday August 1, 2005 at the Flemming Center located at 1426 9th Street, NW.


      For more info call 202-232-8997 or write pete_perry@....



                                            Yours in peace and solidarity,

                                            The Operation Ceasefire Organizing Committee

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