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The SLBD Committee Remains Committed to Helping Businesses Succeed

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 7, 2012 For further information contact: Estell Lloyd at elloyd@dccouncil.us or 202-724-8035 THE COMMITTEE ON SMALL AND LOCAL
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      December 7, 2012
      For further information contact:
      Estell Lloyd at elloyd@... or


      (Washington, DC) – Yesterday, Councilmember Vincent B. Orange, Sr. convened an annual review of each District agency's compliance levels on expendable budgeting spending with Certified Small Business Enterprises (CSBE) and Certified Business Enterprises (CBE). Out of 80 District agencies, approximately 60 District agency leaders testified on their year-long performance results. In addition, District agency leaders were advised of their critical role in expanding employment and contracting opportunities for small businesses in the District of Columbia. The hearing revealed that both the Executive Office of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development exceeded their CSBE goals established by 78-80 percent in FY2011 and FY2012.

      "It is reassuring to note that the executive branch of government is on board with the compliance monitoring program by following the law and leading by example. Moreover, this priority reflects our commitment to ensuring District agency leaders do their part in meeting their CSBE compliance obligations and understand their role as critical stakeholders in supporting the small business enterprise community," said Councilmember Orange.

      Several District agency leaders who reported failure in meeting their CSBE compliance goals will be required to submit their definition of "specialized services" to the Committee on Small and Local Business Development, and to confer with DSLBD Director Harold Pettigrew regarding the accuracy of the exclusionary practices they are engaged in. The compliance monitoring program will pursue a more aggressive push in examining and eliminating the exclusionary practices of many District agencies. Also brought to light was a special concern regarding a reconciliation of the compliance data to enable an accurate determination on the amount that should be spent with the certified small business enterprise community.

      Councilmember Orange concluded the hearing by stating: "Since my return to the Council, my focus has been on ensuring the compliance monitoring program is resuscitated and bought back to life to ensure every District agency leader is in compliance with the law by spending 50 percent of their expendable budgets with the small business enterprise community. This priority of doing business with locally-based small businesses promotes the economic stability and growth of DC's business community, while creating jobs for DC residents, and of course generating revenue for our treasury, further stimulating additional opportunities to circulate DC dollars within our borders."
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