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Re: Notes from last night's public meeting of the Ward One Redistricting Task Force

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  • Jack
    Brianne s notes include this description of a bit of drama at this redistricting task force meeting: Commissioner Jack McKay of the Mount Pleasant ANC
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2011
      Brianne's notes include this description of a bit of drama at this redistricting task force meeting:

      "Commissioner Jack McKay of the Mount Pleasant ANC believes the iteration of the map where the Mount Pleasant ANC jumps the 16th Street boundary does not work. He talked a bit about the 2,000 person SMD requirement causing a problem in 1D. He proposes that 1D take on population from Lanier Heights. He is sympathetic to the fact that ANC1C would prefer its boundaries not to change, but something has to give. He hopes the people of Adams Morgan can recognize that. Then ANC1C would have to make up some population from 1B, but crossing that boundary further south makes more sense than up north. Thomas noted that the maps Jack has sent around has the least amount of change, and is worth acknowledging.

      "The Chairman jumped back in and corrected Jack's point that ANCs have to be an integral multiple of 2,000 residents. What the law actually says is that SMDs should be approximately 2,000 +/- 5% with a deviation that means they must be between 1900-2100 people, that they be as equal as possible, and there are exceptions allowed for public policy justifications. After this there was a request from Jack that he be permitted to clarify his statement, which was denied through some loud gaveling from the Chairman. As well as a threat from the Chairman that he would call the police if Jack didn't sit down. That moment was kind of like attending an ANC1B meeting during the Hunter regime."

      Chairman Roth was evidently confusing a legal requirement and a practical requirement based on a legal requirement. Here's my description of the issue, and the incident:


      -- Jack

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