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NWCHCA: Save the Date: Tuesday, June 21 at 6:30 PM - Listening Sessions on Youth Crime

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  • Cecilia Jones
    The Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association will partner with the Latin American Youth Center and the Columbia Heights Shaw Family Support
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      The Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association will partner with the Latin American Youth Center and the
      Columbia Heights Shaw Family Support Collaborative to host a "Listening Session" on Youth Crime. LAYC will take the lead in conducting focus group sessions on youth crime. It will be NWCHCA's first-step in a forming a community based working group on truancy.

      Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011
      Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
      Place: St Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, 1525 Newton Street NW, Upstairs Auditorium
      The meeting is free of charge and all are welcome. Free refreshments.

      There was an interesting article about youth crime in the Washington Post recently. Here's an excerpt:

      D.C. Teen Crimes Shift Away from Stealing Cars but Toward More Violent Offenses
      By Allison Klein, Published: May 29
      For teenagers who commit crimes in the District, stealing cars is out. Snatching smartphones directly from victims’ hands or breaking into their homes is in. On average, juveniles were arrested for violent robberies or carjackings at least once a day last year, an almost 50 percent increase from 2007. During the same time, juvenile arrests for riding in stolen cars, a nonviolent crime, dropped by more than 60 percent.

      Full Article & Comments: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-teen-crimes-shift-away-from-stealing-cars-but-toward-more-violent-offenses/2011/05/24/AG0zeKEH_story.html
      There were 140 reader comments, many racist and hate-filled. Here's an example:

      Eventually, these devices will come down in price and they won't be worth the effort stealing them. In the meantime, maybe these so called "smart" phones need a self-destruct feature. Some punk steals it, the owner contacts his service provider who then activates a painful-when-held melt down. No resuscitation possible. Ever. 
      LOL. And then these savages will simply steal something else. You think the price of a cell phone is what makes them scum? They live to make other people's lives miserable, like their own. The only fix is teen birth control. After that, forced spay and neuter programs once the welfare mom and and the baby daddy have 2, especially if he has a prison record

      and 3 other related responses:

      Animals need to be locked in cages 
         And rabid animals need to be put down.
              Eradicated like all rabid animals...

      I wrote a comment myself, to which there were 6 responses--all negative. One responder even preferred that African American children remain truant!

      In addition to all the other challenges disadvantaged children face, they are still being tarred by racism and negative expectations. Anonymous comments are very instructive in showing entrenched attitudes, things you won't usually hear said out-loud in public places. Yet, very few of those who commented had any constructive solutions to offer. I believe that we do--let's talk!

      Please come and participate. Please bring your children. Please RSVP: nwchca@... or 202-299-7868.

      Thank you,

      Cecilia Jones
      President, Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association (NWCHCA)
      202-299-7868 (cell)

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” --Mahatma Gandhi
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