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2512Re: [Mintwood-place] Question of Adams Morgan Changing

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  • Eddie Becker
    Jan 4, 2006
      We’ve lost a lot of business that once primarily served the residents of Adams Morgan like toy stores, five and dimes, clothing stores, pharmacies, used furniture stores, etc. most of these retail places have been converted to bars and now primarily serve non-residents.   
      Just about the only way to sustain a market rent on the commercial strip in Adams Morgan is either sell plenty of liquor, (huge mark-up) or plenty of high mark-up items like coffee, hamburgers, pizza, shoes, etc – a formula that franchise chains, buying in bulk and paying near minimum wages have figured out. 
      In the case of Comet, the owner is leasing out the store, at the highest and best use, to Bubbles, a trendy hair salon, that got its start in DC and is now a Virginia headquartered franchise.  Some residents will be served.
      While Comet’s liquor store license, I assume, will be sold for small fortune, to a supermarket chain that wants to devote three isles to beer and wine!
      The pressure to end the liquor license moratorium (more stores that once serve community needs converted to bars), and requests by restaurant/bars to convert to liquor only taverns (fewer places to eat) will increase the trend. 
      The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) deal with these issues, their next meeting is January 4th at 7:00 pm at Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Health, 2355 Ontario Road, NW (enter through the "pink building").  
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