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  • Gregory Schultz
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      From: "Gregory Schultz"
      To: WarOf1812@egroups.com
      Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] Hardcore Details (predictions from Brass...)
      Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 05:10:09

      Though I'm not a designated 'guru' on the subject, I'll give a hip-pocket
      explanation of some of our goals as Brit campaigners. The outpost should
      work like a regular picket outpost with a sergeant or corporal of the guard
      in charge. Those on picket duty will have muskets, those not on duty will
      stack or, if weather is nasty) sleep on their arms under some sort or rigged
      shelter (blanket or nast piece of canvas tied up to trees/sticks). Security
      will be 'round the clock so accountability for kit & etc will be constant.
      Food: gruel of salted meat and dried pease (perhaps fresh veggies if in
      season and correct to a given location/campaign) will be boiled in a period
      kettle (unless found to be otherwise in the near future this vessel will be
      a rolled iron, hot tin dipped camp kettle suspended over a small fire on a
      tripod made ot scavanged sticks affixed at the top with a short length of
      rope). We'll also have flour, bread or hardtack available for consumption
      (again, based on available research for the campaign/area being re-enacted).
      What one can get out of the above is that the location will be supervised
      under an NCO, guards will be posted & relieved, food will be period
      (tastiness notwithstanding! and available in stew form, made from period
      rations carried in each man's haversack), weather conditions will be
      accepted by the participant's on the weather's own terms and grumbling over
      the inclelemt type is to be expected...!). Also, if you're planning on
      trying this please ensure your units are okay with what you're attempting to
      do - and if they are, have some of your fellows come out to see what you're
      doing and perhaps they'll be keen to do it at some point too. This
      authenticity thing is very achievable and a lot of fun - I truley believe
      greater authenticity in self & environment will be a great thing for those
      who want to give it a go.
      Again, much of this has to be worked out regarding the details - the largest
      of these (that I can see right now) rests with commissary issues. If you or
      anyone else is interested in trying out "core/campaigner" re-enacting for a
      given week-end please let Andrew Bateman know. This is for him to get an
      idear of how many guys are keen to try it out. This also helps us figure out
      commissary issues (true 'tropical' cured salt pork doens't grow on trees in
      my area - I have to go to a nearby military post to get it!) and how far
      we're going to take it as a group thing in rations or just give good
      direction on what each soldier should bring. A lot is tbd but will be a fun
      thing to figure out and get operational.
      Anyway, more details on this and other stuff on
      outpost/picket/core/campainger stuff will be forthcoming by the fellows who
      know more than I. Suffice it to say, however, that the experience will be a
      great one. It is a chance to hang out with your peers in a period correct
      environment, improve one's impression, etc. What a bargain! I hope you'll
      give it a whirl.
      G. J. Brass
      p.s. Yanks are welcome to set up not too far from the Brit outpost if
      practicle for added realism. Our man-with-the-plan Bateman is working on
      this and related stuff. Stay tuned
      From: Kevin Windsor
      Reply-To: WarOf1812@egroups.com
      To: WarOf1812@egroups.com
      Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] Hardcore movement
      Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:34:35 -0500
      I have been thinking about logistics since Fred's posting on latrines and
      such, and I have some questions.
      1. What will you do with your muskets?
      I keep mine in my tent to save rust damage and security and my unit keeps
      all muskets under lock and key when not being used (i.e. sleep and meals)
      2. Powder?
      same as above
      3. Contingency plan for really foul weather?
      some sites my not have indoor arrangements and I am sure you would not want
      to stay if really really wet. (or would you?)
      4. Food. Are you going to avoid the free meals with the coke cans and
      plastic forks? Or just the cans and forks?
      5. Lastly, the security of your kit. Tents are a visible barrier to the
      public and most, not all, are hesitant of entering if closed. Where will
      you lay your packs?
      Are you going to carry them all weekend?
      Not a criticism in any way, just some thought on the safety of my kit, and
      the visitors if I try this.
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