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Re: 1812 British Army

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  • Gregory Schultz
    Friends on the 1812 Onelist, I can see that the idea of formalising the Brit army in North America has had some discussion on this list - alas this must have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 1999
      Friends on the 1812 Onelist,

      I can see that the idea of formalising the Brit army in North America
      has had some discussion on this list - alas this must have happened
      before I signed up for the 1812 Onelist. So, cheers to another
      potential can of worms with the present subject: Unifying 1812 Brit
      assets under one chain of command/organisation beyond the current
      "brigading" system currently in use. I know this subject has had some
      discussion in the 1812 Brit community and I've heard both positive
      and disparaging comments on the subject. I'm not entirely sure why
      this is the case as I cannot see anything negative coming out of it
      (if there is something perceived to be negative I'm sure the benefits
      of such a centralised organisation would outweigh it).

      Perhaps I am biased toward centralising as I belong to other re-
      enacting time periods where the concept of a single chain-of-command
      to lead subordinate units is no stranger (I think these time periods'
      organisations and structures would actually suffer under any other
      system). I believe the closest example to which 1812 Brits could
      relate (less NA activities) is the Rev War umbrella group called the
      British Brigade. Individuality is not squelched amongst member units
      - if anything the esprit de corps is enhanced, in my opinion. There
      are other benefits to having such an organisation and I would be
      interested in hearing feed back from Onelist members on this issue.

      I would also like to hear some discussion regarding a time line as to
      when such a blanket Brit organisation would come into affect and how
      individual units could begin forming the core of this new umbrella
      group. I believe this Onelist is an excellent place to commence such
      discussion and begin a positive process of structuring and growing
      the 1812 Brit army in Canada and the U.S.

      I appreciate any feedback on this issue (heated or otherwise).


      G. Brass,
      41st Foot

      p.s. U.S. re-enactors - please feel free to share any insights and
      experiences you may have with regard to this topic.

      p.p.s. If this issue has already been through the mill in the
      greatest of detail before I joined the list you have my sincerest
      apologies but I'd appreciate a recap of past discussion and a target
      time frame for a restructuring if ever one was investigated.

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      > Gad!
      > Deja vu!!
      > Why does all this sound *so* familiar....?????
      > >>
      >He asked me for my take on it, I told him that the present board of
      the NA
      >were treating me like a mushroom at pres (keeping me in the dark and
      >me shit), but that if this is a grass roots movement of the
      membership then I
      >am for it. That is the way the NA started in the first place.
      Frankly as far
      >as I am concerned as long as all the Brits can co-operate and act as
      >unified body they can call themselves the Aldershot Glee Club if
      they want!
      >Are you hogging all the fun?
      >Friends tell friends about ONElist!
      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of
      hundreds of square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the
      fate of THOUSANDS of square miles...

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