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Re: NCO Training/Webb's offer

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  • Kevin Lightfoot
    ... would allow ... also a ... experience ... own style ... with those ... the ... the ... accurate ... and ... Officers they ... to work ... crowd, ease ...
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 31, 2000
      --- In WarOf1812@egroups.com, "JESSE PUDWELL" <SGTPUDGLI@h...> wrote:
      > Roger,
      > The group of trainers would be elite and small in number. This
      would allow
      > for a more personalized delivery to those there as "learners" and
      also a
      > shift of "learners" from one type of delivery to another so as to
      > delivery types and methods to assist the learner in finding their
      own style
      > of delivery on the field. This will also teach them to be patient
      with those
      > they instruct later in their lives as unit NCO's when they recall
      > various deliveries from each individual training/instructing NCO at
      > "training camp".
      > The objective is to prepare L/Cpls through to Sgt.-Majors for an
      > portrayal of their particular NCO rank but most of all to give them
      > confidence and demeanour so that they will look and act responsibly
      > professionally on the re-enactment battlefields so that the
      Officers they
      > must work with will have less worry about them and more confidence
      to work
      > with them which ultimately produces an optimum display for the
      crowd, ease
      > of use of the NCO (and therefore of his unit) by the CO in charge,
      > chance of accidents and a damned good feeling by all before, during
      > after each re-enactment.
      If you would like to have help in this I am willing to help. I have
      been an NCO for about 25 years with the reserves and been with the
      IMUC now for 11 years. Still stuff to learn? YES absolutely. I can
      provide some background on being an NCO though. I would be
      interested in attending such a 'school' myself.
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