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Re: Canadian History Question ?Women's vote?

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  • runnalong@igs.net
    In REBELLION: A NOVEL OF UPPER CANADA, by Marianne Brandis, one of the female characters ( a widow and an owner of land ) had the vote. I wondered about the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2000
      In REBELLION: A NOVEL OF UPPER CANADA, by Marianne Brandis, one of
      the female characters ("a widow and an owner of land") had the vote.
      I wondered about the accuracy of this detail. However, according to
      CANADA--which I read subsequently--women "often exercised that
      perogative as freeholders in Upper Canada, this almost a century
      before the suffragettes began their strenuous campaign of leaping from
      trains and firing pillar-boxes to win the vote in England. [Mackenzie
      wrote]'...When my friend Col. Baby contested the County of Kent with
      Messrs. Little and Wilkinson, no less than thirty-five ladies came
      forward to the hustings--maids and widows--one of them gave Wilkinson
      a plumper. Which was almost equal to a declaration in form!'"

      Obviously these enfranchised Upper Canadian women wound up losing the
      vote sometime during the course of the 19th century, but Sir John A.
      Macdonald's views on the subject of extending the franchise to women
      are interesting (and certainly discredit Jan Wong's depiction of him
      in her "Globe" column as a disgusting old misogynist, among other

      "I believe that is coming as certainly as came the gradual
      enfranchisement of woman from being the slave of man until she
      attained her present position as almost the equal of man. I believe
      that time is coming, though perhaps we are not, any more than the
      United States and England, quite educated up to it. I believe the
      time will come, and I shall be very proud and very glad to see it,
      when the final step towards giving women full enfranchisement is
      carried in Canada." (Commons Debates, 1885)



      --- In WarOf1812@egroups.com, "JESSE PUDWELL" <SGTPUDGLI@h...> wrote:
      > Tracy,
      > What a great question !!
      > I believe that the Federal Act was approved in 1918 but that the
      first women
      > to vote were in Western Canada in late 1916.
      > The age at which one could vote was generally 21 yoa for both men
      and women
      > but this varied all over Canada and became uniformed only in the
      > 1960's. Provincial elections were interesting. By the late 1950's
      you had to
      > be 21, as male or female, in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, NB, PEI
      and NS.
      > You only had to be 19 yoa in Alberta and just 18 yoa in SASK !! Of
      > then there was the "Rock"...ahhhhh, good old Newfoundland, now
      here's an
      > additional female voting footnote for you....in Newfoundland you
      could vote
      > at 21 yoa if you were male but you had to be 25 yoa if you were
      female !!! I
      > believe that would be the last sad bastion of male dominance for
      voting in
      > Canada....how did they ever come up with that "hiccup"? Did females
      > four years more slowly than males out there 50 years ago where in
      > corner of Canada they were still traditionally maturing before
      > "same-aged" male counterparts??? Curious....must be the weather out
      > there......
      > (no comments required on this one Len !!haha)
      > Good luck with your research!!
      > Jesse Pudwell
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      > >
      > >I was asked by a young girl I know who is in Grade 12.
      > >
      > > She needs to know in which year women were allowed to vote in
      > >
      > > Can anyone assist us? Thanking you in advance
      > > Tracy
      > >
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