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  • James Burrill
    Terry, I was at all the 125th events that Classic Images attended except Saylor s Creek/Appomattox (sp?). I was with the Union troops for most of the filming,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 8, 1999
      Terry, I was at all the 125th events that Classic Images attended
      except Saylor's Creek/Appomattox (sp?). I was with the Union troops
      for most of the filming, but I don't remember a "Confederate Death
      March" or moving troops 8 miles away from the event site to shoot.
      Which event was this??

      If we had to move people to a special site to shoot, then the unit
      commanders who volunteered would have known it......and still had
      their guys march it.

      After 4 years of taping, I think if the word was out that we were
      taking advantage of the reenactors, we would have trouble getting
      volunteers or at least not been welcome by the ANV or National Regt or
      Vincent's Brigade when we came to the staff asking for volunteers for
      the shoots.

      Not to say that some shooting wasn't damn hard work! Gettysburg 125th
      saw the Wed of the event at 104 degrees and I was in a wool uniform
      along with the reenactors. We provided ice, water and gatoraide for
      everyone at the shoot. There was no special coolers or supplies for
      the crew vs the reenactors...we all sweated together!

      Also, FWIW, people came to know our crews had a good radio set up.
      many times when someone went down, first aid types came to us to use
      our radios to get help. We made a point of having an extra radio and
      charger set up at the event co-ordinators tent or first aid tent. As a
      reenactor myself (Bob Crickenberger's 20th Maine, Co.E) and Jack
      Foley had been in the National Regt for years, we both had to answer
      to our reenacting friends when the shooting was over. Far as I know,
      we were still welcome when the 125th was all over.

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      Subject: [WarOf1812] Re: Digest Number 146
      Author: tlubka@... at Internet-USA
      Date: 4/7/99 8:56 PM

      From: "Terry Lubka" <tlubka@...>

      Dave, I'd have to agree with you and I like Benton's idea of a contract. I
      don't mind it if a film crew is from a film school and really don't have a
      budget to work with. But some of these production crews won't even give you
      a break on the cost of the video.
      I, plus most of my friends in my area won't give crews the time of day this
      year. Of coarse at re-enactments where the film crew has permission to be
      on the field I'll do my re-enactment soldier act but God help them if they
      expect me to repeat a maneuver or scene.
      Wow do I feel better!
      James your comments on working for Classic Images was interesting. I do ACW
      as well but got involved about 8 years ago so that was after a lot of the
      filming that they were doing. But I've heard from some of my friends who
      have been in it longer that they felt like they were being taken advantage
      of. The only story that comes to mind that I can remember was the
      Confederate death march. 8 miles down one way then back up the same dusty
      Please correct me if I'm wrong.

      Terry Lubka
      GLI, 25th US, Cdn Vol.

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