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    In a message dated 4/7/99 7:15:28 AM Central Daylight Time, cfranke@sympatico.ca writes:
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      In a message dated 4/7/99 7:15:28 AM Central Daylight Time,
      cfranke@... writes:

      << We supply, a proper uniform and accoutrements, knowledge, safety,
      training, and the passion. The extra has to have a uniform supplied,
      does not necessarily know safety, hsa to be supplied with the
      accoutrements, has to be trained, and seldom has the passion. For this
      they get paid. I believe we must stand together as a group on this . >>

      I think that there are two important points here. Either one says "OK I want
      my mug on TV on my terms" and accepts little to no pay but retains the right
      to say "push off" to the film crew, or one accepts the going rate of
      compensation and becomes as much a part of the inventory of the production as
      anything else they have paid for. There really is no middle ground and the
      Director might be good or bad but it is HIS vision that is getting filmed, no
      one else's, period.

      Being one of those who is on both sides of this one I can say that there are
      time when things are great and times when its horrible. I have had companies
      insist that I look after re-enactor honorariums (one could not call it pay)
      and then I have had the devils own job trying to extract the money. I have
      done deals with re-enactment groups (for a LOT of money) where all was well
      until the shoot when some key people turned bolshi and it was difficult
      getting the agreed shots.

      The main thing that against re-enactors is that most of them do not behave in
      a professional manner, the main thin against film crews is that most of them
      don't understand that the 'guys in the funny clothes' actually care about
      what they are doing.

      As a professional in the business I am obviously miffed if somebody with a
      day job goes around offering to do my job for free. But I think that some of
      the best people in the business have come from the ranks of re-enactors. The
      main thing to remember (as Benton often points out) is that it is called the
      film BUSINESS (not hobby) and it is part of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY (not
      history study group) have this firmly in your mind before becoming involved.

      Having said all that Chris is right if re-enactors act together in a
      professional manner they will be treated with respect.


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