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Re: Medical Alert (humor)

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  • DM Carpenter
    This vile rumour was started by one Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop . He is to be wiped out on sight. Bran Flakes Dave
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 1999
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      This vile rumour was started by one 'Wee Jock Poo Pong McPlop'.
      He is to be wiped out on sight.

      Bran Flakes

      Michael Mathews wrote:

      > From: mmathews@... (Michael Mathews)
      > This just came to the outpost at Prairie du Chien and I thought it should
      > be shared to quell rumors.
      > Captain Roulette
      > ------------------------------------
      > Mr. Michael Bull
      > Late of HMS Troutbridge
      > Regimental Surgeon to HM Corps of Canadian Voyageurs
      > Dr. Bull,
      > A matter of the most disturbing news has come to my attention this past day.
      > Rumours are already spreading rapidly amongst the rank and file of
      > affliction amongst the Officers. Many of the men are worried that they too
      > will come down with "Spotted Dick" or "Cock-a-Leekie."
      > It is important that we ensure the men that this is not a result of bad
      > viagra being issued to army medical personel.
      > It is of utmost urgency that I request you examine all your current stock
      > of medical supplies for contamination. Your report will be made public, as
      > soon as possible. I realize, of course, that this will add to your already
      > busy duties. There is, however, no choice.
      > Regimental HQ is preparing an education program for the men, to inform them
      > that these are regular occurances in the Officer's Mess, and that the men
      > should not expect to see them in their quarters.
      > Your obediant servant,
      > Capt. James Keigher
      > Commanding HM Corps of Candian Voyageurs
      > Fort William
      > Michael Mathews -- Winona State University
      > Voice: (507) 285-7585 Fax: (507) 280-5568
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