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Re: Organization - Was: Sutler's Dress

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  • BritcomHMP@xxx.xxx
    In a message dated 3/19/99 11:14:25 AM Central Standard Time, mmathews@VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU writes:
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 1999
      In a message dated 3/19/99 11:14:25 AM Central Standard Time,
      mmathews@... writes:

      << Question is, do we need an organization to do it? Can it be
      accomplished without the burden of a Board of Directors? Would we have
      more "bargaining power?" >>

      There is no way that organizers will listen to groups who do not have a
      unified voice. In other words WE decide what we want and then tell organizers
      what sort of events we will come to. Either we do this or all we are doing is
      adding hot air to the environment.

      Even now Jim and Larry are adapting the NA code for use in North America and
      we will be having a formal meeting of those interested in working together in


    • NINETY3RD@xxx.xxx
      In a message dated 19/3/1999 9:14:24 AM, mmathews@VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU writes:
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 19, 1999
        In a message dated 19/3/1999 9:14:24 AM, mmathews@... writes:

        << On a related note, I've been wondering about the merits of some formal
        unified structure. Remember I'm relatively new to the list, so if you've
        hashed this our before, my appologies. >>

        Well, um no...... someone else answer all this....

        Which brings up, by the by, that it is now past March 1st for the deadline I
        gave for the North America British Brigade-NA. I guess if the same holds next
        year at this time to the few who have so far done their duty for this year,
        then it should make for an interesting round of discussions on who is actually
        eligible to be on the field at Waterloo....
        Now that should spark some flames....
        Honey Grahams,
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