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Re: Subject: Sutler's Dress

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    In a message dated 3/18/99 8:25:08 PM Central Standard Time, tlubka@pathcom.com writes:
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 1999
      In a message dated 3/18/99 8:25:08 PM Central Standard Time,
      tlubka@... writes:

      << I don't think a re-enactor boycott will suffice. We still have problems at
      events with "moose & squirrel" types being allowed to play. The only way to
      clean up all the dress inaccuracies is with the organizers of these events.

      I think we are getting to the stage where we COULD start using our muscle over
      this sort of thing if we want to. Most of the British are now working together
      and can (if we wish) speak with a fairly unified voice. After all whatever the
      organizers build around the event its still the re-enactment that is the core
      of the event, so if we stand together we can ask for what we want and get it.
      If we do not work together or insist on 'independence' the organizers can play
      one off against the other and we might as well save our breath.

      Same on the field, if the organizer chooses to invite a completely farby unit
      to the event because they are friends of his individual units can do nothing
      about it all of us together can.

      Personally I think Mississenewa is the ideal venue to start doing away with
      the 'visual pollution' (I love that expression too) as Marty is very much 'one
      of us'. I don't see why sutlers HAVE to dress up. If they don't have correct
      period kit fine! Come in modern clothes, but not in anachronistic stuff. (Mark
      you that is assuming that all of them have modern clothes :-p )


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