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Re: Women's dress

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    In a message dated 3/18/99 11:14:01 AM Central Standard Time, bashore@earthlink.net writes: Interesting post as usual Betsy!
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 1999
      In a message dated 3/18/99 11:14:01 AM Central Standard Time,
      bashore@... writes:

      Interesting post as usual Betsy!

      << Fancy dresses are fine for balls, but to assert that one
      chooses their portrayal and should be allowed to wear whatever their
      ignorance may find pretty brings us back to rayon, F&I, and prom dresses
      (there are some great empire lines for 1999 prom you know). Soldiers in
      line who dress inappropriately or are ill trained are under a far
      greater burden to improve their portrayals. >>

      You are quite right about the soldiers in the line Betsy. Personally I believe
      that Balls should also be treated as re-enactments. Otherwise its just 'fancy
      dress', I can honestly say that when one plays the game all the way there is
      much more fun in it.

      <<No comparison is being made to those who dress well for the time and
      station. To effectively communicate the socioeconomic status of army
      women, only a very few ladies are needed and very few women should be
      directed to that type of interpretation (those attached to men
      representing the officer class). To say we'll allow any woman to be a
      lady in all her finery is equal to suggesting we abolish the ranks of
      private, corporal, and sergeant 'cause you know them folks didn't live
      so good either an it ain't no fun to be them today. >>

      Yes indeed. Were you perhaps at Stoney Creek when Victoria Dennis turned up in
      the riding habit based on her husbands Royal Fusiliers uniform? It was quite
      stunning and LOOKED like an officers lady in the field. She can also carry of
      the proper period 'huntin' and shootin' slang which makes the impression


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