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    In a message dated 01/11/1998 7:17:32 PM, yawors1@uwindsor.ca wrote: ... reenacting ... provides ... organizations ... for the 1BNA effort... but what
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 1998
      In a message dated 01/11/1998 7:17:32 PM, yawors1@... wrote:
      >The point Roger made that I find of "universal" interest to all persons
      >in the 1812 time frame is the lack of a resource such as the BAR etc.
      >for Rev War, and I believe most other time periods do have umbrella
      >of some sort or another. <snip>. Now, Waterloo 2000 is forming the impetus
      for the 1BNA effort... but what
      >happens after Waterloo 2000?<<

      Actually, we have been trying for years now to get going/provide a similar
      sort of thingy as the BAR - but without the "political" or "telling everyone
      what to do" end. It is called the North America British Brigade, Napoleonic
      Association. The French already have a similar such organization - Brigade
      Napoleon. It only seems now however that NABB has an actual impetus to be
      joined as, quite simply, the organizers of Waterloo - the N.A. and the ENF -
      have made NABB the only official liaison link and source of Waterloo
      information and participation for North America.

      >I'm kind of wondering why 1812 can't get its act together?
      >The only observations I can suggest are:
      >1) 1812 reenactors have for the most part never experienced directly the
      >of umbrella organisations;

      Quite true, or they have in other time periods and get cold feet from bad

      >2) 1812 reenactors are suspicious of umbrella organisations that might try &
      >them what they can do or can't do

      Ditto as above - the NABB has no intent to tell anyone "what to do" (except in
      regard to going to Waterloo perhaps - But that is more in the vein of, "this
      is what you will need to do because the organizers have told us so", rather
      than, "you must do this because we say so".)

      >3) in particular, 1812 reenactors seem really paranoid about other
      >trying to "take them over" - whatever that means.

      I have noticed this for years and understand yet at the same time do not
      understand it - especially when they are told over and over that such as NABB
      has no interest in "taking then over" - all units maintain their own integrity
      and autonomy and whatever organizational structure they have. NABB exists only
      to bring all units together as an "association" for the benefit of all. Odd
      thing is - a number of Canadians as well as some other 1812 folk are members
      of Brigade Napoleon! That very thing - the dreaded "umbrella organization"!
      Go figure!

      >I've also noticed that everyone in 1812 seems to want to be an officer. Or
      >least a sergeant. I've seen numerous groups split up over command issues -
      includingthe 41st, which has had major crises along these lines with one major
      split. I can't really think of a single Brit 1812 "Upper Canada" unit that's
      been in existence for more than a few years that hasn't had a problem - some
      more severe than others,
      >but life's too short to spend it fighting with fellow reenactors!
      >If units can't get their own command structure settled, I guess it's not too
      >that they'll voluntarily surrender some of their "autonomy" (freedom to do a
      >job if they feel like it?) to any larger organisation.

      I cannot understand why anyone would want to be an officer. (Actually I have
      seen very little of this for the time period, but maybe I've missed some
      episodes...) The main reason is, it is simply too bloody expensive! Add that
      to the job and stress one goes through (that depends of course on how one's
      unit is set up, I suppose...) it is a wonder why anyone would want to be! I
      know all too well!!!
      I will take this opportunity to brag on my unit - the 93rd: we have no such
      problems. Every year it is asked at our AGM (at New Orleans) if anyone wishes
      to be or to nominate someone for C.O. -- this is always met with dead silence.
      We all know that rank in the 93rd means a job to do both during and between
      events. And no one has yet been crazy enough to shell out the kind of money it
      takes just for an officer's uniform, not even to mention all the baggage and
      paraphenalia! (except of course for yours truly - but I have always admitted
      to being completely insane.)
      The 93rd has now been around for 10 years, continues to grow with members
      literally coast to coast, and still great comrades one and all, new and old!
      (canned applause increases and slowly fades away...).

      >There. Now I've opened Pandora's box, I expect...

      I have been opening that box for 3 or 4 years now - with results of either
      being ignored, drastically ignored or completely ignored. Pandora obviously
      ain't all she is cracked up to be...rather than being caustic, she's seems to
      be comatose! ;-)

      I will shortly be broadcasting news on the NABB - new dues, what that will
      cover, a NABB handbook, etc.
      Watch this space!

      Major Calamity B. Jennings
      93rd Reg't.
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