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fur caps & gloves

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  • Larry Lozon
    Re: Original Message From: Andrew Bateman I d like to see what the fur mitts and Fur Cap looked like. _______________________ Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
      Re: Original Message
      From: Andrew Bateman <abateman@...>

      I'd like to see what the fur mitts and "Fur Cap" looked like.

      Please turn to your white hymnals ............

      er... I mean Osprey Men-at-Arms Series #319

      1793 - 1815

      page 14 ~ top left

      "Private of the 6th Regt in winter dress Canada c 1806.
      The fur cap has a peak, a white "6" on a red background
      and a white over red tuft.

      page 15 ~ bottom left

      "Officer of the British Army ..... 1807
      ... with a fur cap in the shape of a shako
      boots, mitts and a fur tippet (scarf) ..."

      In the TV Ontario production of "War of 1812"
      they show the Brits marching from Halifax to
      Upper Canada in fur caps (shakos) they were
      reproduced by Peter twist and Robt. Henderson.

      I was told that the "Canadian cap"
      (fox/wolf fur + wool skull cap)
      worn by Rev Brit soldiers was discontinued by 1800.

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