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Any Blue Will Not Do!

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  • Betsy Bashore
    Lynda-- sorry to hear how your plan for the fund raiser was nixed. With sites in trouble financially, every bit counts. A distinction needs to be made
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 1999
      Lynda-- sorry to hear how your plan for the fund raiser was nixed. With
      sites in trouble financially, every bit counts. A distinction needs to
      be made between pure entertainment and re-creation/reenactment. Since
      we just got through what is good enough on the field and all, I believe
      that stating the ficticious nature of the event is enough. We do a
      wildly popular Ghost Walk that brings in half of our annual reenactment

      To the List--
      Back to the kettle of fish, I don't remember saying Nap. soldiers should
      be banned from 1812 sites, perhaps my statements were misconstrued. Use
      the site when we aren't there; use the site when its not open for
      regular season visitation; use a nearby site; hae an event at the site
      advertised as a Napoleonic event to expand public knowledge of the
      politics and conflicts effecting the US and Canada-- what ever you

      The fact that my unit has spent considerable time and effort trying to
      get a handle on an accurate portrayal of a US soldier might explain our
      resentment to the ANY BLUE WILL DO theory of US 1812 portrayal.
      Canadians, US citizens, Frenchmen and Brits are all welcome to play US
      soldiers-- provided they don't wear their white barracks jackets and
      claim they're close enough to the linen issued to the US or their blue
      or green or yellow coats and claim they're close enough to SOMETHING --
      might as well spray paint your chest and back grey and paint tiny
      buttons on your sternum.

      Our unit has Canadian converts (who we dearly treasure) in grey jackets
      (not body paint eeewh!) and we expect more in the future-- but these
      folks are seeking information so as to provide the best US
      interpretation possible, not just making do. Buttons and N's aside, the
      Napoleonic perspective expressed in many of the submission nullifies the
      effort put forth by reenactors portraying US soldiers and implies a
      great disrespect for our efforts. You think you've been insulted,
      imagine how our two young men (working hard on the 14 yards of tape on
      their US coatees) feel! Napoleonic reenactors will be welcomed to join
      the US side in the Great Lakes region provided they have US pattern
      clothing or even militia garb. We'll even be so gracious as to let
      accoutrements & muskets slide as we do for most other cross overs-- in
      most cases they are of almost identical pattern though we'd like to see
      more black belting in the Great Lakes. This would minimize the
      ficticious histories generated to explain the presence of Napoleonic
      soldiers in the 1812 ranks-- I've heard too many of these. We aren't
      talking about different time periods or different regiments-- we're
      talking about different wars, especially from the US perspective.
      Expanding the 1812 reenactment hobby through lower standards is hardly
      the way to encourage interest in the US side of the issue.

      Any blue will NOT do!
      19th US, Langham's Company
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