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Re: American Regimental Affiliation

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  • David Bennett
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 4, 2000
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      ---David Bennett replies:1) I agree that Hull of the 9th U.S. fell during Scotts "brilliant" charge when he took his 1st Brigade directly in between the contesting lines at Lundys Lane, apparently to see how many more men could be killed. See page 154 in Donald Graves THE BATTLE OF LUNDY'S LANE 1993 Nautical & Aviation Publishing.2) The comment that "...21st took the hill from the artillery..." is somewhat simplified. The 21st succeded after firing a volley, and then charging with fixed bayonets. But then again, this was after the 1st Infantry had made a demonstration against the front, as the 21st prepared to charge from the flank. The 23rd also had charged on the flank but had been stopped. The success of the 21st was due to the complete 2nd Brigades efforts. Yes they got all the glory but the truth is.... if the 150 men of the 1st Infantry had not marched directly up the hill and gained the entire British lines attention, the 21st would not had been able to suprise the British left flank.3) "took the hill from the artillery..." You mean there were not any Infantry up on the hill? Would British artillery had been posted without any Infantry support? When the hill was taken, it was from the British artillery and their Infantry supports. Thanks, just wanted to clarify your comments. By the way....I loved your comment about General Marshall in WW2!! David Bennett. In WarOf1812@egroups.com, Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@y...> wrote:> > --- Rob Taylor <niagara_falls_98@y...> wrote:> > FR wrote:> > I believe the hill was held by the 21st> > Infantry. > > Fitz> > > > Rob ... Fitz, How long did they hold Lundy's Lane I> > thought they withdrew to Chippawa?> > The 21st took the hill from the artillery by the> bayonet about halfway through the fracas. They held> it until Ripley gave the order for a general> withdrawal, about an hour after the British quit the> field. a short time later, Drummond sent an officer to> scout the hill, as he no longer heard any sounds> coming from it. Finding the position abandoned, the> British reoccupied it.> As for the late Lt. Hull, perhaps he was wounded when> Scott took his column and careened through the US> lines without notifying anyone that he was going to do> this - his column was fired on by his own side, and> forced to withdraw. Richard? what do you think?> > > Fitz> > > > > > > =====> > War of 1812 Website: war1812.tripod.com> > > > __________________________________________________> > Do You Yahoo!?> > Kick off your party with Yahoo! Invites.> > http://invites.yahoo.com/> > > > > =====> Founder, Pagan Liberation Antique Twinkies Collectors Front and Marching Chorale> > "Fluff Bunnies - The OTHER White Meat"> > "Come back, Guy Faulkes - all's forgiven. We'll leave a light on in the Capitol basement for you. . . ."> > __________________________________________________> Do You Yahoo!?> Kick off your party with Yahoo! Invites.> http://invites.yahoo.com/
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