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Re: War of 1812 Book

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  • R. Feltoe
    Dear Kevin, Thanks for the interest, I ve been working on this book for the last year and a half and have discussed it with a number of people. The intent is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
      Dear Kevin,
      Thanks for the interest, I've been working on this book for the last year
      and a half and have discussed it with a number of people. The intent is for
      the manuscript to be complete at the end of August, under the tentative
      title "Niagara 1812 - 1815" and sub titled: "A Pictorial Guide to the North
      American War of 1812 -1815 on the Niagara Frontier".

      After that, editing etc should produce a finished work next year, in the
      spring. The publisher is Vanwell, out of St Catherines.

      My intention is to include an overview of the war as it related to the
      actions on the Niagara (with due references to the other theatres and
      background), but without going into extreme detail. There will also be
      short histories of original locations, including: Forts Erie, Niagara,
      George, Mississauga, Burlington Heights and York (Yes I know York is not on
      the Niagara, but as it figured prominently in the campaigns I'm using
      authors prerogative and stretching the point).

      I also intend to use as many illustrations as possible, including original
      maps and drawings of significant sites, plus modern pictures taken from the
      same perspective for a 'then and now' effect. Drawings of original
      regiments and uniforms with modern images of surviving pieces. Picture Bio's
      of the prominent personalities from the war, sequential pictures of the
      loading and firing sequences for musket and artillery, and a section on how
      we commemorate the original service of those who fought by doing Living
      History reenactment. etc etc.

      My intention is to produce a work that will interest the those who have no
      real knowledge of this part of our heritage, provide information to schools
      and libraries for project work etc. as well as giving back something to the
      reenactment community at large for all the years of learning and fun I've
      had doing this hobby of ours.

      Once that's finished, I'm hoping to do the Regimental History of the
      Volunteer Battalion of Incorporated Militia and its service during the war.
      This will include a separate volume of the biographical and associated
      information on some 950 men who served with the regiment at one time or
      another. Genealogists that have seen my current database have literally
      drooled over it and have berated me for not getting it published sooner; not
      to mention my wife, Diane, members of my re-enactment group and my (pre
      submissions) editor, Karen Posner. So I'm under a bit of an obligation for
      the next little while. I also have the guilty secret of having been bitten
      by the creative muse and am well into a fiction work that is based heavily
      on actual events from that period. So when you see me going round this
      summer, snapping away with my camera, you'll know what I'm up to.

      Regards Richard Feltoe.
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