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Re: Kitting out (was Fort York)

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  • Raymond Hobbs
    I have been part of a re-enactment unit for just six months, and have found it relatively easy to get kitted out. Here are some hints - no commercial
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2000
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      I have been part of a re-enactment unit for just six months, and have
      found it relatively easy to get kitted out. Here are
      some hints - no commercial endorsement is intended, but I am completely
      satisfied with what I bought from these

      Shako - Belgic of Stovepipe - from Norm Drouillard, Amherstburg (41st
      Light Company). There are other sources.
      Trousers - white, from James Townsend
      Musket - India pattern, from Discriminating General (Twist and Henderson
      show - via Gord Laco of the Royal Newfs.)
      This was a great bargain, bayonet and flints included. DG also has
      a great line of Bakers at the moment!
      Footwear - excellent product from Robert Land, Guelph, Ontario.
      Reasonable prices.
      Shirt - James Townsend
      Canteen, haversack, spats (with regimental buttons), cartidge box - all
      from 'regimental stores' (Jim Yaworsky's
      Regimental red coatee - hand made by Jim Yaworsky, to period
      Miscellanea - tent, pick and whisk, sergeant's tool, flashguard (oops,
      sorry), forage cap, musket sling from various
      sources I found just by asking around, and keeping my ears and eyes
      open. Townsend, DG, and Godwin are great
      sources, and so are one's fellow-reenactors.
      Period specs - frames from Townsend, lenses from my optician.
      Mattress tick, groundsheet - I made myself out of canvas bought at the
      local fabric store. Tent poles - easy to make.
      Bayonet belt and frog, cartridge box cross-belt - 'loaners' from our
      unit, until I have my own.

      The prices on all of these items were what I would expect from such a
      hobby, and i think reasonable. As far as I am aware, all of these items
      'authentic', i.e. made to the original specifications, or as close as is
      humanly possible. I am sure that there are folk who
      are getting out of the hobby for various reasons, and who have items for
      sale. Just ask.
      I also found the 'old-timers' in my unit (thanks Jim, Larry and
      Andrew!) of invaluable help. It is also very satisfying to
      chat with commercial providers on line. They are in the business first
      because they love the hobby of re-enacting. They
      are an enormous source of information about items one might need. They
      are not afraid of recommending other sources if
      what they have is not what you need.

      It would be dicey for the War of 1812 group to advertise and endorse
      sutlers' produce, and all I am doing above is letting
      folk know where I got my stuff, and how pleased I am with it. This is a
      purely personal opinion, but I think we could keep an on-line catalogue
      of web
      sites, and/or addresses, and be ready to assist anyone with information
      on kit sources. From my experience it is not
      difficult to get kitted out, and to look like a soldier of the War of
      1812. Whether I behave like one is up to our illustrious
      corporal - but at least he did comment favourably on my ability to march
      in step!
      Ray Hobbs
      Pte. 1/41st

      Roger Fuller (in response to Kevin W) wrote:

      >In defense of the ACWHRS (the civil war guys comming) many have been

      >joining 1812 units and are just not kitted up yet for this event. I
      >know how hard it is to get kitted up after this year!!!!

      Try getting your guns custom made..... Bakers, anyone? It is indeed
      hard to
      kitted up- that's why it has taken us so %@*^^##@ long. Hey- we could
      attended 1812 events last year, but it would have been in AWI
      uniforms and

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