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Re: Scholarly Myths

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      << unlike most secondary research regarding the 95th and other rifle
      regt's, David Chandler's is apparently pretty good. Mr Chandler, who is
      recovering from a recent stroke, is an old friend of Les Handscombe's 1/95th
      reenactment unit in the UK. >>

      Absolutely (and of course you realised that in my original post I meant
      exceptions NOT examples) David and I have been friends for the last 25 years,
      and as most people in the group should be aware, he was one of the founders of
      re-enactment in the UK along with Brigadier Peter Young. As well as being the
      first honorary member of the Napoleonic Association.
      Much of the academic world said rather snide things about David only to be
      knocked for six when he got his Doctorate from Oxford on the body of his work
      (very rare) putting him in the 'Fortescue' bracket. In fact he is the only
      historian this century to receive this kind of Doctorate this century without
      (yet) being knighted.

      David's stroke was several years ago, he has just been seriously ill though
      but is recovering splendidly.


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